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Caravan Entering the City with Houses and Shops

This caravan probably just finished a long journey to Ptolus. Caravaners like those from the Rogue Moon Trading Company, look forward to rest and good trade, and the caravan guards dream of visiting a good tavern. No one would expect an attack from bandits inside the city!

  • Gnome Riding Owl Enitix Enidon Xalbis Yetix Wizard Arcane Caster Ptolus DND D20 RPG GaryLaibArt

Enitix Enidon Xalbis Yetix

Enitix Enidon Xalbis Yetix is a 350 year old male gnome wizard who rides a large owl named Hesperos. He frequents Danbury's and enjoys chatting with Delvers/Adventurers. He is quick to share spells with anyone interested who is polite.

  • Bryce Twoorb Ptolus Arcane Caster Old Human Wizard Pathfinder PFRPG DND D20 Fantasy

Bryce Twoorb

Bryce Twoorb is a 75 year old male human wizard who lives in the Rivergate District of Ptolus. He frequents Danbury's and enjoys chatting with Delvers/Adventurers to hear their stories. He often will share spells to hear tales of adventure.

Chapter 8 : Chaos Rising : Part 3

Chapter 8, Part 3 of The Calling Campaign is set in Ptolus and the players are fighting against the Chaos Cults to stop the Night of Dissolution.

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