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DMPCs are NOT Bad

A LOT of people HATE on DMPCs - Dungeon Master Player Characters - but they are one of my favorite parts of my games.

  • Sample Order for the Mage's Tower Modular Map Wizards Home Summoning Library Square Rooms Urban City D20 DND Dungeons Dragons

Mage’s Tower Modular Map for Wizard’s Home

You can mix and match the levels of this Mage's Tower to suit your game's needs. The Ground Floor graphic has all the levels with stairs showing it leads up. Then the Additional Levels map shows all the Floors available to you. Mix and match them in whatever order you want. Since there are no surrounding details, you could drop this tower anywhere in Ptolus.

  • City Watchhouse day Watch House Garrison Barracks Jail Guard Duty Ptolus Homebrew Map

City Watchhouse Homebrew Map Guard Watch House

Ptolus Homebrew City Watchhouse Map Day Download High Resolution City Watchhouse Map Day Ptolus Homebrew City Watchhouse Map Night Download High Resolution City Watchhouse Map Night Ptolus Homebrew City Watchhouse Map Interior Scene Download High [...]

Session one

Music: Everybody wants to rule the world by lorde ‌ describe city from afar get searched by city watch (blue armour and shield with gold trim, carries a halberd) be greeted by a commoner, Bearnard Dalais, [...]

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