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DMPCs are NOT Bad

A LOT of people HATE on DMPCs - Dungeon Master Player Characters - but they are one of my favorite parts of my games.

  • City Urban Bakery Mirthful Morsels Ptolus Spire Homebrew Map Baking Shop Inside

Urban Bakery with Basement

This Urban Bakery Shop Map includes a basement and could be used for several shops in Ptolus: Ramoro’s Bakery in the South Market, Sallin’s Bakery in Midtown, Abbara’s Bakery at the Docks or Telenn’s Sweetery in the North Market.

  • Alchemist Guild Store 31x30 Alchemical Shop Ptolus City Urban Homebrew Map

Alchemist Shop

Upon entering the Alchemist Guild's shop, you are greeted by a complex tapestry of aromas—everything from the earthy scent of dried herbs to the sharp tang of bubbling potions and the sweetness of exotic spices. [...]

  • Swordsmith Shop Sword Smith Weapons Smithing Urban City Ptolus Homebrew Map 22x22

Swordsmith Shop

As you step into the swordsmith’s shop, your senses are immediately overwhelmed by the rich, metallic tang of iron and steel mingling with the acrid scent of burning coal. The rhythmic clang of hammer on [...]

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