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Andrecite looks quite a bit like diamonds in the rough. Only an Appraisal check (DC 25) lets a character distinguish…

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Raw Andrecite looks like a Diamond but is worth double. It can be used to power spells or add enhancement bonuses to ability scores. Found in The Quaan Plane. Part of The Banewarrens Adventure beneath Ptolus.Rough, glassy crystals are extremely hard, clear and white. They look like Diamonds, but are actually far more precious and useful.

A successful DC 25 Intelligence (Investigate) check, however, will reveal the truth; these stones are actually the far more valuable Andrecite. On the open market, such stones, when sold in bulk as raw, uncut gems, are worth roughly 10 gp per pound.

The stones can easily be identified as Andrecite, by those who encounter them, as they retain magical power to some degree, glowing lightly in the presence of magical light.

One pound of prepared Andrecite is worth approximately 500 gp in most markets that are aware of its properties.

Andrecite has the ability to power magic, if properly polished and prepared (dissolved and etched) using special acids before use. If a spell has a component cost that consumes the component, its caster can substitute the required component for an amount of Andrecite of an equal value.