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My name is Ellis Benus and I'm a Web Developer by day, and an avid Dungeons & Dragons / Pathfinder player by night, and sometimes day too. I've launched this website because I love the Ptolus Campaign Setting by Monte Cook and found the Book simply too limiting to really use the system. Checkout my other sites: https://EllisBenus.com & https://d20.pub/

Crystal Echoblade

This longsword’s blade is crafted from jagged violet crystal. When you hold it close to your ear, you hear a faint hum. A Crystal Echoblade normally functions as a +1 longsword, but is enhanced by your musical ability. If you use your bardic music ability while wielding the weapon, the blade resonates in harmony, dealing additional sonic damage on each attack equal to half your bard level.

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Ptolus Kickstarter Campaign Now Live!

Monte Cook has launched a Kickstarter Campaign to re-release Ptolus in two new versions : 5th Edition D&D (5E), and his Cypher System. The book will follow the format of the original as closely as possible, and retain all of its premium design features. The Ptolus Kickstarter campaign launched in February 2020!

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