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You hold in your hands a wealth of information about the city of Ptolus and all the related areas above and below. And while it may make for an interesting read, first and foremost it’s here so that DMs can use it to create campaigns for their players.

This book contains chapters on different areas of town, encounter areas above and below the city, as well as the land’s history, organizations, and more. And every one of those chapters is rife with adventure possibilities. How does a DM put all of this together and boil it down into a cohesive campaign? This chapter offers advice for assembling the material in the rest of the book to create your own Ptolus Campaign.

  1. Weaving Together a Campaign
  2. Campaign Hooks and Goals
  3. Campaign Villains
  4. Calista, The Dreaming Stone, And The Cask Of Frozen Dreams

The Ptolus Book

This book has many components—especially in the envelope at the back—to make your adventure-running life easier. See the Appendix for a rundown of all these handouts, maps, and more, along with suggestions for how to utilize those elements in your adventures.

DM Tips

DMs can use Ptolus in many different ways. With the backdrop provided by the evil Galchutt, they can run many different epic campaigns. But, on the other hand, the background on the city’s organized crime groups makes a gritty, streetlevel campaign just as good a possibility. It all depends on the kind of campaign you want to run.