Deacon had asked the others this evening if they would accompany him to the Game House. He had attained knowledge that someone whose career he had been following was competing this night and he wanted to see his work first hand instead of his usual scrying. Deacon had donned his Red Cloak which had many magical runes and symbols embossed within the material. Most of the time he kept it tight about his person not showing what was underneath. Deacon wore his usual high topped black boots and black trousers. He had a well-made pack and that was about all you would see besides his quarterstaff which is made of Wyroot something that aids him in casting more spells per day.

Deacon was a private person for the most part and it was no wonder that one of his companions was someone who couldn’t see very well. Her name was Julia Greymantle. There was something else that he shared with Julia. It was an Oracles curse. Her’s was a lack of far vision and his was a lack of hearing. They got along great and had been together for 4 years. Julia had expertly learned to be able to communicate with the help of Deacon. Their other companion was Bharash. He was a big hulking Dragonborn warrior. Bharash had come to their aid one time while the two were severely pressed by some Rat Lords in the sewers. This was about a year ago and have been together ever since. Bharash wasn’t your normal dumb fighter, no he was a dual blade fighter. It took skill with the two Rhoka’s in which he employed.

Anyways, back to the story… Deacon and the others came to watch the golem match and they weren’t disappointed. The match took a little while, while the opponents sized the other up, but the stone golem was no match for the armor golem. Deacon pumped his fist when the armor golem finished off the other. Deacon collected his winnings from the betting booth and the three exited the house. With a bit of extra coin to spend, they decided to head back to Midtown. Deacon had been walking along when Bharash stopped suddenly. He pointed up towards the top of a house and Deacon could see the smoke rising. It wasn’t long before he saw the orc come running around the corner on fire. Or at least that is what he thought. The orc didn’t look burned, but it certainly could cause harm for when he grabbed the woman she was burned.

Deacon jumped to action and began to weave his hands and pulls some unknown component out of a pouch. Suddenly two medium-sized water elementals sprang forth. As the first came forth looked like an actual wave. It spotted the orc and tried to drench the orc to put out the flames. The other, shaped as a hippocampus began to move towards the flames.

When both water elementals converged on the half-orc he initially fought back, but instead of beating at, or attacking, the man, they simply trapped him in their depths like a standing pool and the flames were extinguished.

The big man fell to the ground, coughing out water and gasping for breath as he had been screaming when the towers of water walked up to him. He remained on hands and knees, dripping with the residual moisture while spitting and cursing as small puddles formed around him.