It was something that Julia wouldn’t do, but Deacon had insisted that they attend the Golem matches this evening.  Julia tried to talk her way out of it, but Deacon was relentless so as usual Julia gave in to his charm.  It wasn’t always like this, Julia used her wiles on Deacon many a time before so it was only fair play.  They acted as brother and sister though they weren’t by blood.  Julia didn’t know what kind of trouble they would find in the Game House so she came fully prepared.  She even brought her morningstar along, though it hung about her back.

Julia was a striking female with flowing blonde hair that fell well below her shoulders.  It spilled over her white cloak which had gold embroidery, it was a striking contrast to the blackish mithril breastplate she wore for protection.  He breeches were also black in color.  She didn’t wear boots, instead, she had well-made leather gladiator sandals.  Julia also wore a similar backpack to Deacon which allowed her the ability to pull things quickly from inside its three base pockets.

As the match ended, Julia was thankful.  She wasn’t much into sport fighting and though these were mere golems, it still didn’t interest her in the least.  Julia was happy when the trio left and headed towards midtown once more.  It was a funny thing when Bharash who was still new to the trio would point something out in the distance beyond her vision.  Julia would just shake her head and usually say, describe it to me, please.  Such was the case when the two spotted the smoke and fire.  She saw the orc come running and was about to cast a spell to drench the orc when Deacon had beat her with a spell of his own.  She loved his creations and the two water elementals that showed up didn’t let her down.  Julia called Bharash, take me to the fire, I can help put it out.