The warrior of the trio Bharash was a giant standing next to the two smaller companions.  That wasn’t the only reason he stood out either.  His body was covered in silver scales from head to toe.  Though you wouldn’t know this unless he was out of his armor, which isn’t often.  His armor consisted of interlocking shiny metal plates and covered him from shoulder to toe.  The metal boots which was part of the suit had small silver dragon wings jetting out from the back of them.  Bharash carried two ornately made Rhoka’s that were usually sheathed on his sides.  The hilts were likewise fashioned in the likes of a dragon’s maw.

Bharash didn’t have a lot of magic to him, which was one reason why he joined up with these two.  One could heal him when he was bleeding and the other cast spells that made him bigger and badder than he already was.  He liked that very much.  Bharash even learned a bit of the signals to help out with Deacon.

As they headed towards midtown Bharash was the first to see the smoke rising.  He quickly pointed out to the others then forgot that Julia may not be able to see it at this distance.  When the orc came a running he had faith that him companions would take care of the orc.  Suddenly, Julia said to take her towards the fire.  Bharash grabbed Julia’s hand and quickly led her around the building towards where he could see what was happening and give Julia a better vantage for whatever she would do.

Together the trio moves down the way, toward where the smoke plume originated, but they could tell it was fast dissipating. Was it possible the smoke was FROM the half-orc? Bharash and Deacon both happened to notice that a man in black quite a distance from them, seemed unfazed by the happenings as he walked away calmly, black cloak swishing behind him.

Just a few moments passed as the two men observed the man, only to have their attention stolen as they flattened themselves onto the ground to avoid being blasted. A well dressed man, holding what appeared to be a garment bag, was looking into the sky and had, what appeared to be, blasts of lightning bolts emanating from his eyes. He screamed in terror as the first bolts slammed into a small shop, shattering windows and lighting the canopy aflame. The bolts seemed not to obstruct his vision because with wide eyes he looked to someone for help, only to watch them go stiff as more electricity exploded from his optics, killing the person in a twitching frenzy.

The man clutched the garment bag he held and jerked his head skyward, queerly shooting lightning INTO the sky instead of watching it descend. His cry for help could be heard for several blocks. Deaf, Dragon and Blind were easily two dozen paces from the man, but judging by the length of the bolts from his sockets, they remained in danger even crouched in the cobblestone street as they were. In danger of being overran even by the mass of people now fleeing in the opposite direction who were escaping burning orc-man.

I’m going to use a ‘pace’ to be 5 feet. So two dozen paces is 60 feet.

Deacon had noticed the black cloaked man, though there wasn’t enough time to recognize him for a blast of lightning suddenly came shooting out of the eyes of another man who was dressed quite well.  Deacon looked back and saw the lightning hit someone square and from the looks of it the person died right there.  Deacon knew there was magic involved but wasn’t sure what it was.

Bharash we need to stop him before he kills anyone else. 

Deacon motions for his elementals to go after the man as well.

Deacon can tell the spell is magical lightning, but he has never before seen it emanate from the person’s eyes. It’s as if the man has no control over the spell whatsoever.

The elementals charge forward, which only terrifies the already frightened man. With his eyes wide, staring straight toward the two water monsters rushing toward him, another lightning blast emanates.

Bharash gets hit with a blast from the eyes of the man and it freezes his muscles for an instant.  Your creations better get to that man or I will kill him!  Bharash said between clenched teeth.

Bharash stayed low so as to hopefull avoid another bolt.

Deacon saw his elementals get close and urged them on with his motions.  The man was clearly not in charge of what he was doing and needed to be stopped.

Deacon called to the man, Close your eyes you man!  The lightning won’t come out if you do!!