The Signet of Shallamoth Kindred is the key to a powerful teleportation matrix called the Tourbillion that lies within the Galchutt’s fortress. After transporting there, the Runewardens and Calista made their way through the underground structure, now far more active and filled with creatures than it was on their last visit (it had been a fairly quiet place while the Galchutt slept—their stirring was clearly obvious here). Fighting past horrors, they traveled through yet another gateway to a strange half-world of decay where the Tower of the Dreaming Stone lay. The entire tower was built around the massive stone, but when they arrived there, so did Lilith and none other than the demon- lich Sokalahn, now fully under Lilith’s domination. Sokalahn, the Dreamwalker of Mara’s prophetic dream, was to be a key player in all of this, and Lilith clearly knew that as much as the heroes. The two assailed them with dreadful spells and got the best of the Runewardens.

Drinking the dreamstep potion that Canabulum and Mara had labored to create weeks earlier, the heroes were able to flee with the box into the stone. Unleashing the frozen dreams yet to come with the dreams that had yet been, they found themselves in a metaphysical “place” of all the world’s thoughts, memories, hopes, dreams, and feelings. While Lilith and Sokalahn attempted to access the stone as well, the Runewardens found Calista’s hidden memories—and the shock of her reunion with them knocked her unconscious. Girding themselves for a mighty battle, they exited the stone. Their unexpected appearance surprised their foes, and the combined fury of Aliya’s fists and Mara’s holy power destroyed the demon-lich Sokalahn, putting his long-unquiet spirit finally to rest. Meanwhile, Canabulum summoned forth all of his own eldritch might and destroyed Lilith with a single spell.

Heady with victory, the members of the group returned to the world to learn what they could from Calista.