Warning: Some spoilers for the Fiery Dragon adventure Queen of Lies appear below.

With the Black Lantern elves interested in taking on dark elves, Urlenius the ogre-mage contacted Mara, Shurrin, Aliya, Canabulum, and Zophas to tell them about the chaos temple he helped find down in the sewers. As a group, they investigated the place. The cultists attempted to make the front area appear abandoned, but the adventurers were not fooled and pressed on, discovering a large temple. Within was a horrible mind- controlling worm-creature that took command of Urlenius. The ogre-mage slew Zophas before the others could bring him to his senses.

After Zophas was restored and the group rested a while, the heroes went to speak with a local noble: Lord Kirstol Dallimothan, whom they had contacted before, both as a mutual friend of Andach the druid (killed in the battle of Clasthamus Isle) and as someone to consult with regarding Shayla, the intelligent ancient elven dagger they recently acquired. House Dallimothan was also known as House Dragon, and rumors said that some or all members of the house were actually dragons or half-dragons. Lord Dallimothan, who was clearly older than he looked, enjoyed talking with Shayla. Together they all began to piece together how they could reach the Seven Jewels of Parnaith, which the group had learned of earlier. One could reach those islands only by “colordoors,” which a person could find in certain places at certain times using a device called the Orrery. A magic item they already had, the illitor, opened the first door.

But they were getting ahead of themselves. For the group discovered that the priests of Lothian could not bring Andach back from the dead after the battle of Clasthamus Isle. Divinations revealed that his soul was trapped in a black gem held within the Dark Reliquary of the Necropolis.

The adventurers pledged to Lord Dallimothan that, after they cleared out the chaos temple, they would go to the Necropolis and rescue Andach’s soul. Then, they would turn their attention to the Seven Jewels of Parnaith. Meanwhile, Dallimothan and Shayla would attempt to locate the Orrery.

Soon thereafter, the group found itself back in the subterranean chaos temple. After harrowing fights with cultists and kython, the PCs discovered links between the chaos cult and the Fallen and the Forsaken of the Necropolis. (The Fallen are demons, and the Forsaken are undead or people who prefer the company of the undead.) They also received an ominous reminder that the chaos cultists actually served the Galchutt, dormant beings of great power and evil below the city. The cultists, like their foul masters, awaited a fast-approaching “Night of Dissolution.” With it would come the ultimate victory of the Galchutt and the destruction of all else.

Finally, the heroes came to a huge door with a serpent motif, behind which they could hear the workings of a vast machine. However, Sister Mara had received prophetic dreams about this door and the great dangers beyond. Based on that warning, the group decided to leave without going any farther. They dealt the cultists a terrible blow, however, virtually destroying the temple. Then they prepared to go yet again into the Dark Reliquary. This time, they sought to free their friend. Aliya also had her own, secret agenda…