Months later, Sercian’s twin brother Serai of the Runewardens spared no expense in magical or monetary resources to find his missing brother and his old comrades. Even though they had quarreled so much in the past, Serai—after many harrowing adventures on his own—recovered the remains of all of the Company of the Black Lantern members. In the city, he had no trouble finding those willing to use magic to bring back the vaunted heroes. After they were all returned to life, Sercian and Serai set sail on a ship purchased with their remaining wealth, leaving Ptolus behind (although they return now and again, often surreptitiously). Vexander found his old friend Chanticleer, and the two left Ptolus for good, returning to their home in the Moonsilver Forest to the north. Dazlo departed for the southeast, to his Prustan homeland. Tellian joined up once more with Urlenius, the Star of Navashtrom, devote himself fully to the work of their god. Gaerioth disappeared, muttering something about a quest and the “Word that Began Creation.”

Next Time: The Runewardens face their greatest challenge as the Night of Dissolution comes to Ptolus and the Galchutt awaken in the finale of the campaign.