Ptolus is the name of a city with ancient origins and a convoluted past. It’s also the name of the campaign that I [Monte Cook] have set there. For about four years I ran Ptolus twice a week, on Mondays and Thursdays, for two different groups of characters and (with a few exceptions) two different groups of players. But they all existed in the same city at the same time. Thus, each group had its own adventures, but dealt with many of the same NPCs and situations. Occasionally, plot-lines overlapped – particularly since one player ran twin brothers: one on Mondays, one on Thursdays.

The Monday night group ultimately became known as the Runewardens, and the Thursday player characters formed the Company of the Black Lantern. I hope you enjoy reading about their exploits as they rose from 1st to 17th level. Please note that this journal may spoil some aspects of the campaign for players who read it, although they are somewhat minor aspects. At the very least, pay attention to the spoiler warnings – your DM will thank you.

Enjoy your visit to Ptolus!

Monte Cook
August 25, 2005

With Artwork by Jason Engle

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