The Company of the Black Lantern from the original Monte Cook Ptolus Campaign : (left to right) Gaerioth Shadowhand, Sercian Lorenci, Vexander Sangreal, and Tellian Riverborn

Vexander Sangreal

Vexander Sangreal is a male shoal elf sorcerer/rogue from north of Ptolus. He never took to the life of a sailor, instead preferring to hone his growing sorcerous power. After arriving in Ptolus with his archer friend Chanticleer, Vexander soon fell in with a group of adventuring elves who later dubbed themselves “The Company of the Black Lantern.” Together, these elves have ventured into a number of the dungeons beneath Ptolus, including recent explorations of the fabled ruins of Dwarvenhearth. Though he’s been known to act rashly at times, Vexander’s agility and quick thinking usually get him out of problems without too much difficulty. He knows his luck will run out at some point, and he trusts that his companions will bail him out as he has done for them (such as the time he goaded a red dragon into facing him rather than finish off the critically injured Gaerioth). Played by Wizards of the Coast game designer Andy Collins.

Sercian Lorenci

Sercian Lorenci is a male shoal elf rogue/fighter/sorcerer. His twin brother Serai and he traveled to Ptolus in the company of Aliya Al-Mari but split up after that, although they still get together now and again to trade stories and for Sercian to borrow money from Serai. Sercian joined the Company of the Black Lantern and aided them in their exploration of the ancient city of Dwarvenhearth beneath Ptolus. However, Sercian was captured and secretly replaced by a dark elf. Only recently did he escape and help drive off the impostor. Now he seeks to lead the Black Lantern and other elves to the dark elf stronghold where he was held prisoner and crush his former jailers. Played by Wizards of the Coast design manager Chris Perkins.

Tellian Riverborn

Tellian Riverborn is a male shoal elf cleric. New to the city of Ptolus, Tellian is a devotee of Navashtrom, god of strength and harmony. Although good-natured and honest, Tellian has done most of his work in Navashtrom’s name from behind a nocked arrow. If Tellian has a fault, it’s that he tends to see the will of Navashtrom in too many things. His unquestioning confidence in his god’s will has made him more trusting than most seasoned delvers and left him willing to overlook the darker side of his new adventuring companions in the Company of the Black Lantern. Played by former Dragon magazine editor and current Wizards of the Coast development manager Jesse Decker.

Gaerioth Shadowhand

Gaerioth Shadowhand is a male harrow elf monk from Kem and a follower of the Brotherhood of the White Path (a mystical order of warrior monks devoted to the pursuit of enlightenment through the mastery of both body and mind). Despite his devotion to the order’s principles and philosophy, Gaerioth has always struggled with a darkness within him—the legacy of his harrow elf heritage. It is this struggle that led his masters to send him out into the world as an avedras, a wandering monk tasked with a specific quest. Now he travels the world searching for the Word that Began all of Creation. His journeys have led him to the city of Ptolus and into the Company of the Black Lantern. Though gentle and soft-spoken by nature, he is fierce in battle. He eschews weapons and enters combat with only his war mask (a carved wooden mask covering the lower half of his face, reminiscent of a combination of Aztec artistry and Samurai armor) and the mastery of his body. Currently, the monk has devoted himself to a single cause: the destruction of the dark elves beneath the city.’

“Walking on the broad back of winter I am pierced by your terrible Needle – Ptolus”  – From the Journal of Gaerioth Shadowhand. Played by former Dungeons & Dragons brand manager Keith Strohm, currently Paizo Publishing’s chief operating officer.

Thoreaen Lightbringer

A member of the Order of the Dawn – the Emperor’s personal cadre of knights – Thoreaen Lightbringer was assigned to infiltrate the Company of the Black Lantern to keep tabs on the increasingly powerful and roguish group. This devout elven paladin of Lothian has an intelligent sword that is perhaps even more devout than its wielder. He never shirks from expunging evil. Played by former Dungeons & Dragons brand manager Keith Strohm, currently Paizo Publishing’s chief operating officer.