The Runewardens had obtained the demon-sealed box containing the mythic Cask of Frozen Dreams. Canabulum stood once again among the living after a resurrection spell. Aoska, one of the city’s Twelve Commanders and a high-ranking member of the angelic Malkuth, came to Clasthamus Isle where the group had taken sanctuary and told them that all the demons of the Fallen were now marshaled against them, led by Lilith herself. Only on Clasthamus Isle were they safe. Using a thoughtstone, Serai summoned the Iron Mage, who came to use a wish spell to open the demon-sealed box. Even as demons and undead assaulted the island in vain, the mage cast the spell, and the group removed the cask. They knew they needed to take it to the Dreaming Stone to activate it.

They had been to the Dreaming Stone once before, after having been sent to the Fortress of Shallamoth Kindred, one of the fearsome Galchutt. They had been sent there when exposed to an artifact called the Signet of Shallamoth Kindred—they now began to suspect that it was not at all a coincidence that the Iron Mage himself possessed the Signet. Aoska brought Aliya’s cousin Calista to the island so that she could go with them to the Dreaming Stone. It was, after all, her well-hidden memories they sought, hoping that a message left to her by the Elder Gods would contain the secret to stopping the Night of Dissolution and, quite literally, the end of the world. Just before leaving, their old friend Shurrin joined them to hopefully bring the quest to an end.