On the Vallis moon, the heroes stood before the gates of the Celestial City, the first mortals to lay eyes upon it since the very early days of the world. Falstef introduced them, claiming that they were the finest heroes of the mortal world, and that any one of them could stand shoulder to shoulder with the mightiest angel in the arenas of nobility and heroism. Needless to say, they gained admittance and entered the Citadel.

Each of the massive Seven Chains within the citadel was guarded by a solar. Zophas stepped forward to speak with them, but suddenly Shurrin interrupted, saying simply: “I’m sorry.” Then emerged a contingency put in place by the Galchutt months earlier, when Shurrin had wandered off in an ancient temple below the Dark Reliquary that even the Fallen and Forsaken knew nothing of. The Galchutt attempted to use Shurrin’s body as a conduit into the citadel. His form began to coalesce into that of a nightmare…

“No,” Aliya said, even before it could happen. With a single blow and the power of the quivering palm, she killed Shurrin outright. Then she began to weep.

Meanwhile, afraid that something more might happen to stop them, Mara stepped forward, with the sword aloft. She, Zophas, Canabulum, and Serai explained what needed to be done. To their surprise, the Lords of the Seven Chains heard their words and knew the heroes were right. But, the angels explained, they themselves were bound to the chains on a spiritual level. To destroy the chains, they would have to kill the solars.

What followed was not a battle, but a teary, painful process as each angel bared his chest and allowed himself to be slain by the golden sword. With a simple touch, the sword then severed each angel’s chain. When the last of the Seven Chains was destroyed, the Soul of the World was loosed. The bonds of the prison that was the world were broken.