Thus, it was the Runewardens themselves who brought the Night of Dissolution to pass, not the Galchutt or their cultists or their servants.

Now awake, the Galchutt soared out of the world, something that had been impossible since its creation. However, the power of the secret sword of the Elder Gods did not allow this event to destroy the world from within. In fact, because the Night of Dissolution had come early and not at the hands of the Galchutt, the Elder Gods were able to shunt the escaping Lords of Chaos into a new prison plane they had labored for 10,000 years to build —one without a world full of wardens trapped inside with the prisoners.

The Soul of the World, meanwhile, needing a new receptacle, drew the elven city of Dreta Phantas back up to the surface where it had once stood, and infused itself within. The silver spires of Dreta Phantas gleamed again in the sunlight. The plans of the mysterious Urthon Aedar had finally come to fruition.

The Runewardens joined the ranks of the greatest ancient heroes of myth and legend. Thanks to them, the world was not only safe forever from the Galchutt, but it was no longer a prison. The Malkuth, the Fallen, and other outsiders could return to their otherworldly homes. Mortals could explore the strange regions beyond the borders of their own world.

The future lay before them all, with infinite potential.

The End