The Runewardens from the original Ptolus Campaign (left to right) : Canabulum, Serai Lorenci, Aliya Al-Mari, Zophas Adhar, Shurrin Delano, Sister Mara von Witten, and Udalaag the halfdragon.

Serai Lorenci

Serai Lorenci is a male shoal elf sorcerer. He is the twin of Sercian Lorenci, and the two of them hail from Dohrinthas in the south. Serai’s original intention was to try to raise money to buy a sailing ship, but now he has settled down in in the city, buying a house and joining the Inverted Pyramid society for arcanists. He has an affinity for machines and a deep interest in the strange devices some call chaositech. His friends believe it to be too deep an interest, and at least once had to go to great lengths to save him from himself as he volunteered to have himself “altered” by a mysterious figure called the Surgeon in the Shadows. Played by Wizards of the Coast design manager Chris Perkins.

Shurrin Delano

Shurrin Delano is a male human fighter/rogue/cleric of Mirresh, the goddess of laughter. Born in Carper’s Bay, a small fishing town to the north, he came to Ptolus to find adventure and the mysterious Urthon- Aedar. He bears the masterwork rapier carried by his grandfather, an adventurer and hero for the common people. A friendly, positive, and courageous young man, he sees himself as a swashbuckler and a sword against evil forces in the world. Played by game designer Sean K Reynolds.

Sister Mara von Witten

Sister Mara von Witten is a female human cleric of the Church of Lothian originally from Tarsis. She’s motherly and of middle age and has climbed back up through the levels following a terrible experience-draining incident at the hands of the priests of Father Claw. While devoted to the Church of Lothian, Sister Mara often finds herself at odds with its dogmatic administrators, who tend to frown on her prophetic visions and penchant for dreamspeaking. Her extensive travels have taught her that the folks you meet have a lot to offer—even if they don’t always follow Lothian’s strict doctrine. Of late, she has been attempting to enlighten the Rhoth-bred paladin Zophas Adhar. Not an easy task. Played by Malhavoc Press co-founder Sue Cook.


Canabulum is a male minotaur wizard. Born in the mountainous lands to the east, Canabulum learned magic from another minotaur named Raumon. Canabulum takes his time when speaking, preferring to fully formulate each thought perfectly. Likewise, he tries to see behind the common facade of life, to learn the secrets and hidden truths beneath. He seeks ever to increase his knowledge of magic, which to him is a lifelong companion and drug. The most noteworthy of Canabulum’s many accomplishments to date is the near-slaying of the frost giant Ymrik, who threatened to plunge Ptolus into Shadow. Played by Wizards of the Coast senior game designer Bruce R. Cordell.

Aliya Al-Mari

Aliya Al-Mari is a female human monk/sorcerer. She came to Ptolus from far-off Uraq and joined the Order of the Fist. She has made close friends with Mara, Shurrin, and particularly Serai, although some of Serai’s recent actions have brought their relationship into question. Aliya has died twice, and the experiences have scarred her somewhat—she is careful but deliberate in her actions now, knowing full well the danger she faces each day. For reasons unknown to her she is somehow linked to a woman held captive in the Dark Reliquary. She’s able to see this poor soul thanks to her natural affinity for mirror magic and scrying. Aliya commands the respect and admiration of all who know her. Her martial prowess is well known, and the fact that she wields a little sorcery is a valuable ace up her sleeve. Played by Wizards of the Coast senior editor Michele Carter.

Zophas Adhar

Zophas Adhar is a male aasimar paladin/Knight of the Pale. He hails from a small, isolated community in Rhoth where the religion of Lothian still holds total sway. Thus, he finds the cosmopolitan atmosphere of Ptolus to be bizarre and uncomfortable as he searches for the truth about his celestial lineage. Is he the spawn of demons or a child of heaven? What he was taught growing up conflicts with what he sees for himself today. And now that he has found his half-brother in the ranks of the celestial Malkuth, he feels more confused than ever. His wizard cohort Ephendus is no help, for the frail wizard seems more interested in books than real life. Zophas’ holy greatsword, the Ankh of Justice, was created by Ephendus and Mara working together. It has felled many a foe, and is sure to rid the world of even more demons and undead in the days to come. Played by Erik Mona, editor-in-chief of Dragon and Dungeon magazines.


Udalaag is a male half-dragon who is also part umber hulk, and part… well, we’re not really sure. We do know that after decades of mistreatment in the palace of Storamere the dragon, he jumped at the chance to flee with the adventuring party that had killed his tormentors. (He didn’t have the smarts to fend for himself, anyway.) Over time and thanks to much patient instruction from the motherly Mara and “lairmate” Canabulum—well, the +4 amulet of Intelligence doesn’t hurt, either—the no-longer-evil dragonspawn has learned the value of friendship. Now, if we could only teach him to stop eating our fallen foes…. Udalaag appears in Monte’s Beyond the Veil adventure from Atlas Games.