I’ve been running campaigns in Ptolus since April 2017. This is a Play By Post (PBP) game which we play on RPOL.net, a fantastic website.

UPDATE: You can now Listen to me read our Play-by-Post Game on my YouTube channel!

Another website had fantastic Campaign Journals for how the DM’s Ptolus game was played and I enjoyed reading them so much I figured others might benefit from reading our campaign.

This was one of my first PBP games both running or playing, so there are some writing issues like changing between past and present tense. I’ve gotten a lot better about that since the beginning!

This campaign starts with Vogh Kath, an adopted child of the Kath Family who have a residence in the Nobles’ District. However, Vogh has not spent much time with her adoptive family since she came of age, opting instead for a life of excitement.

This campaign began with Monte Cook’s published Ptolus Adventures available in the back of the book, or as a separate download. The first adventure was Adventure 1: the Murderer’s Trail where Vogh and her boyfriend Talin rescued Phon from the Pale Dogs. We have currently played through all four adventures from the original Ptolus book. Adventure 2: Smuggler’s Daughter, then Adventure 3: End of the Trail and finally Adventure 4: Shilukar’s Lair.

I plan to run this campaign through the Banewarrens Adventure, the Night of Dissolution, Dark Tidings and even the Queen of Lies.

We started Vogh at 5th level since it was a solo campaign, as of this writing she has a boyfriend PC (played by both myself, the DM, and the player) named Talin, and we added a 9th level rogue name Belie (who I actually started playing as my first ever Pathfinder character years ago and wanted to keep him going). Vogh and Talin are bards at 8th level.

Comically Talin was just an NPC mentioned in the Ptolus Book entry for the Ghostly Minstrel as Tarin, but I typed his name wrong and we just kept it moving forward. Vogh’s player took an interest in him and he became a full fledge PC and part of our campaign. He doesn’t play much at the Minstrel anymore. 😀

I will be posting parts of the campaign threads until we’re caught up to the current posts then I’ll try to keep sharing them here as often as possible.

I hope this helps some other folks run their campaigns and I hope it’s interesting to someone! 😀

Vogh Ptolus Campaign Play by Post Journals: