Music: Everybody wants to rule the world by lorde

describe city from afar

get searched by city watch (blue armour and shield with gold trim, carries a halberd)

be greeted by a commoner, Bearnard Dalais, human 19 yo, sells maps and is a guide. offers to guide them to where they need to go

welcomes them to ptous, first time in the city, see weapons and gets excited as hes always admired the delvers. asks, anything youd like to know? (laws, history, customs etc)

arrive at Lucas home (describe)

Be greeted by Hugo Parsons – caretaker

Hugo Parsons is a middle-aged human with graying brown hair and a neatly trimmed beard. He stands at an average height, with a sturdy build that suggests both strength and resilience. His deep-set brown eyes reflect a mix of weariness and wisdom. Hugo’s attire typically consists of practical and well-worn clothing, suitable for his role as a caretaker. He wears a faded blue jacket over a simple shirt and trousers, and his boots show signs of frequent use.

Hugo leads them into the study where another man sits. Its not Luca. Hugo introduces Mr Victor Sutton, legal advocate for Lucas.

Victor Sutton is a distinguished middle-aged human with salt-and-pepper hair neatly combed back, giving him an air of sophistication. He sports a well-tailored three-piece suit that speaks to his professionalism, and his piercing blue eyes convey both intelligence and a no-nonsense attitude. Despite the stress that often comes with legal matters, Victor maintains a composed demeanor, and his sharp features are softened by a well-groomed beard. He carries himself with an air of confidence, a testament to his years of experience in the legal field.

The party gathered in study, the somber atmosphere accentuated by the muted sunlight filtering through heavy curtains. Victor, sitting behind a polished mahogany desk, carefully chose his words before addressing the adventurers who awaited news about Luca Onane.

“Thank you all for coming. I regret to inform you that, based on the evidence we’ve gathered, Luca Onane is presumed to have passed away a few weeks ago. While we couldn’t locate his full remains, the circumstances surrounding the scene strongly suggest that he is no longer with us.”

He paused, allowing the weight of the revelation to settle in before continuing.

“However, I must also convey to you the contents of Mr. Onane’s rewritten will. In it, he expressed a profound appreciation for the companionship and camaraderie he found in all of you. As a result, he has bequeathed his estate, including this residence, to the party as a whole.”

Victor adjusted his glasses and continued, “Not only is the house paid for in full, but Mr. Onane also owns two other properties in the city. You are now the landlords for both Good Eats, the restaurant just down the street, and The Copper Kettle, the copper maker opposite this house. These businesses are integral parts of the community, and Mr. Onane was keen on ensuring their continuity.”

He shuffled through some papers on his desk before producing a document and sliding it across to the party.

“Here is the detailed breakdown of the properties, their current state, and the financial arrangements. The will specifies that Mr. Parsons, the caretaker of this residence, is to be retained. It seems Mr. Onane held him in high regard.”

Victor looked over his glasses, meeting the eyes of each party member in turn. “The will also stipulates that unless there is a compelling reason otherwise, the party is to continue serving as the landlords for these two businesses. This ensures the current owners have a stable and supportive landlord to help them maintain their family businesses.”

He leaned back in his chair, a mixture of sympathy and professionalism in his gaze. “I understand this is a lot to take in. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to ask. I am here to assist you in navigating the legalities of this transition and to ensure Mr. Onane’s wishes are carried out accordingly.”

“As part of Mr. Onane’s meticulous preparations, I also inform you that your legal affairs are well taken care of. My firms retainer has been fully paid for some time, and my services are at your disposal should you require any legal assistance or advice. Consider me a resource in navigating the complexities of managing these properties, overseeing the businesses, and addressing any legal matters that may arise. I am committed to ensuring a smooth transition and upholding Mr. Onane’s intentions as outlined in his will. Should you have any questions or need guidance, do not hesitate to reach out to me. The continuity and success of these endeavors are now in your hands, and I am here to support you in every legal aspect.”

Victor leaves

Hugo suggests that they get settled. he tells them where things are in the home.

Hugo suggest that you havnt really been to Ptolus until youve been to delvers square.


describe delvers square,

As you step into Delvers Square, the air comes alive with the symphony of gurgling waters emanating from the fountain at its heart.

In the center, of the square, the statue of Abesh Runihan stands sentinel, a monumental figure casting a heroic shadow over the square. Crafted from gleaming bronze, the fourteen-foot-tall and according to the plaque, a tribute to the city’s savior

And there, behind the stalwart statue, a marvel awaits—a grand staircase, broad and imposing, a beckoning gateway to the unknown beneath the surface.

As you navigate the cobblestone paths, the atmosphere unfolds like a living canvas. The Bull and Bear Armory beckons with the clinking cadence of armored footsteps and the echo of weapons being handled with purpose. Wizards and sorcerers weave through the air toward Danbury’s wizardly pub, where the crackle of arcane energy mingles with laughter and the clinking of enchanted glasses.

Ebbert’s Outfitters bustles with the exchange of coins and the rustle of adventurers securing their provisions, while The Ghostly Minstrel invites you to linger with the tempting aroma of hearty meals and the distant strains of a minstrel’s melody. Myraeth’s Oddities, draped in an air of mystique, whispers tales of arcane wonders, and Potter’s Hostel, a haven for the weary, emanates the comforting scent of hearth and home.

Rastor’s Weapons resonates with the rhythmic beat of metalwork, a symphony of craftsmanship that lures the martially inclined. Meanwhile, St. Gustav’s Chapel offers a sanctuary of peace, where the solemn intonations of spiritual guidance and the occasional hushed prayer weave together.

welcome to delvers square

‌depending on how long they stay in delvers square

either a boy runs up as they leave or runs up the next day inside good eats.

the boy appears 8-10 human, chestnut brown wavey haircut, a few freckles. asks for help as some men are chasing him.

two men spot him or come in

two humans wearing leathers, carrying short swords, both have shaved heads and their fingernails are painted black

Encounter with place boys members

After assuming boy is unharmed

boy introduces himself, as Yasseem. asks the players if they could escort him back home. clearly not safe for him

walk through midtown, and through old town to the fortress of dalenguard. once there he is met by two men who appear to be more sophisiticated town guard, these men are much better armed, their armour is pristine and they look right at Yasseem. “ they call out, found him” they then turn and point their halberds at the party. they ask, the boy if he is harmed. he brushes them off and says no. guards begin to arrest the party, but the boy corrects them, and says they helped him and offered to guide him home. they prompt, “im sure at a price” , he then tells them no, they were good people and asked for nothing. yaseem turns, says thank you and then speaks to the guards, time to face the music and walks in and the party sees the boy escorted past the fortress headed up a winding path