Treat these events as background goings-on throughout the year during your Ptolus Campaign, or use them as hooks to new adventures of your own creation. The calendar among the Ptolus handouts gives you more details on local holidays and dates of note.

First Week of Newyear

Myraeth Tuneweaver, owner of Myraeth’s Oddities, apparently sold a magical ring out of his store without realizing it was magical. He doesn’t know exactly who bought it, or what the ring’s properties are-or even whether they are beneficial or detrimental.

Second Week of Newyear

Word on the street is that the intervention of a company of adventurers inadvertently ruined Kevris Killraven’s plot to eliminate her Balacazar rivals by the end of last year. Regardless, the Balacazars now boast that Killraven’s power and influence have been exaggerated.

Third Week of Newyear

The Festival of the Serpentfire is celebrated by the Serpentfire cult’s small but devoted following. Members hand out a small firework to anyone who wants one. When lit, it explodes in a small, colorful snakelike pattern.

Fourth Week of Newyear

An older, well-known, and well-liked City Watch guard named Devaral Unissa is killed in the line of duty. The funeral is well attended and a large bounty, supplemented by donations from the public, is placed on the head of the killer.

First Week of Birth

Lightning strikes a warehouse in the Longbottom neighborhood in Midtown. The Fire Brigade and the City Watch fight the resultant fire the entire night. Rumors abound that this was not a natural lightning strike.

Second Week of Birth

Speculation spreads that the Commissar is once again quietly attempting to find volunteers willing to be polymorphed into monsters to work with the city’s defenders and law enforcement officials.

Third Week of Birth

Cultists of the Crimson Coil, thought to have been wiped out by the Knights of the Pale a few years ago, attempt to poison various wells in the city. They are stopped, this time by the Knights of the Golden Cross.

Fourth Week of Birth

The Godsday Tournament and Festival planning committee hits a snag when city officials seek to ban the Spell Challenge competition, due to damage sustained at the Tournament Field in last year’s event. Talks are ongoing to install new safeguards for this crowd-pleasing event at the festival, held annually on the Fifth of Rain.

First Week of Wind

Well-known Dohrinthan opera singer Tyrosh Nammeter performs at the Crown Theater in the Nobles’ Quarter in a revival of Von Gess’ “A Night Among the Thrushes,” which has not been performed in the Empire since before the Days of the Blood, due to its controversial religious subject matter.

Second Week of Wind

Shark attacks have been reported in great numbers in the Whitewind Sea and Bay of Ptolus. Since such attacks are not common during this time of year, many speculate that they have something to do with the sharks’ sahuagin masters.

Third Week of Wind

Eida Laeventha, long thought to be the oldest living humanoid, died this week in Ptolus at eight hundred three years of age. Many dispute the female elf’s claim, including at least one elf in the Moonsilver Forest claiming to be more than a thousand years old.

Fourth Week of Wind

Priests from across the Empire gather in Ptolus this week to meet with the Holy Emperor in the first such synod in a decade. Many take this as further evidence that the Emperor of the Church has no intention of returning to Tarsis.

First Week of Rain

Giant bats swarm out of the Clock Tower in Oldtown. They don’t actually attack anyone but simply take up residence in belfries, towers, and under eaves throughout the city. The City Watch seeks volunteers to hunt down and destroy the creatures, as well as determine whether there are more to come.

Second Week of Rain

(Godsday was the 5th of Rain)

Another Godsday Tournament has come and gone and, despite the rain, the festival and games were a huge success. Returning champion Niden Jouns once again won both the hundred-yard race and the half-mile race. In a surprising upset, newcomer Ullavana Chord won the single combat ringfight in the expert category, beating favorite Jangave Lesh. And for the fourth year in a row, Doj Hurreck won the eating contest (the sixth year in a row a half-orc has won the competition). The complete list of winners can be found posted around the city as well as in a special issue of The Courier.

Third Week of Rain

Dreamspeakers across the city have reported that people are beginning to have similar and sometimes identical dreams. The dreamers do not know one another and are of various races and backgrounds. The dreams themselves are, for the most part, innocuous, although some are indeed nightmares. Even more disturbing, at least two of these dreamers have committed suicide.

Fourth Week of Rain

The Divine War, a treatise on the of the forgotten Elder Gods, is published in Ptolus amid much controversy. A small riot breaks out in the Temple District as angry worshipers of many different faiths find the book to be blasphemous.

Fifth Week of Rain

Imperial Inspectors have declared the Middle Street Bridge unsafe and have closed it off to through traffic while repairs are made. No one knows why this bridge requires repairs far more often than the others in Ptolus. It has been virtually rebuilt three times in the last decade.

First Week of Bloom

The body of the fifth murdered Harrow elf slain this year is found in an alleyway behind Salora’s Pots in the South Market. Authorities believe the victims to have all been stalked and killed by the same assailant, who uses magic to conceal his presence.

Second Week of Bloom

A small area between Broken Leg Row and Urgent Street is being demolished, its tenants evicted. Rumor has it that the Commissar wants the land to build a small park and monument to the veterans of the Gnoll War.

Third Week of Bloom

Another outbreak of violence in the ongoing war between Kevris Killraven and Menon Balacazar erupts in the North Market. Three shops “protected” by the Killraven organization are burned to the ground. Eight people are killed.

Fourth Week of Bloom

Observing the sacred soultree rites, all members of the Sisterhood of Silence stay within the Priory of Contemplation for much of this week, with a noticeable increase in crime due to their absence.

First Week of Sun

Members of a strange and heretofore unknown religion called the Tolling Bell Cult are seen performing a rite late in the evening in the Rivergate District’s Center Circle park. No one knows what they were doing, and the cultists disappeared as quietly as they arrived.

Second Week of Sun

A delegation of elves from the communities of the Moonsilver Forest north of the city arrives amid much fanfare and circumstance. Reportedly, they came to Ptolus to speak with various leaders, including the Commissar, about trade issues. They stay as the guests of Doraedian Mythlord in Iridithil’s Home.

Third Week of Sun

(Day of Joining was 10th of Sun)

The wedding of Katerin Kath and Dillon Von Malletoth is an elegant affair attended by most of the city’s aristocracy, as well as the wealthy and influential. Five hundred guests in all enjoy the ceremony, presided over by the Holy Emperor himself, as well as the lavish two-day celebration at the estate of House Kath afterward.

Fourth Week of Sun

A swarm of frogs appears overnight in the eastern part of the South Market in midweek. The tiny amphibians were found not only underfoot, but in water barrels, privies, beds, and even food storage. While many of the creatures are killed, most are driven into the sewers. No one knows where they came from.

Fifth Week of Sun

Four gnome priests of Locharit, in protest of a new tax passed by the City Council on paper and parchment, are discovered defacing the outer wall of Dalenguard with graffiti. They are given a massive fine, but the temple of Locharit pays it for them.

First Week of Growth

A human woman named Carlanna Bisk gives birth to quintuplets this week in the Rivergate District, an event which many herald as a blessed omen for the entire city. Unconfirmed rumors circulate that two of the children have some kind of deformity, while a few say that the two look to be elves rather than humans.

Second Week of Growth

Students at the Imperial University are evacuated when a strange gas is found in the lower floors of the building. Eventually, the gas is discovered to be a prank perpetrated by two students studying alchemistry. Both are expelled.

Third Week of Growth

Three doppelgangers, posing as high ranking guild members, infiltrate the Iron workers’ Guild and its headquarters. They use the opportunity to rob the guild house of over 10,000 gp in coins and goods. They remain at large; the guild is offering a 2,000 gold coin bounty for their capture.

Fourth Week of Growth

The Keepers of the Veil make their annual report to the Emperor of the Church. This year, hauntings and the appearance of undead in the city have increased by 15 percent over last year’s figures, according to the report.

First Week of Blessing

Demhan Proctor, a chief aide and advisor to the Commissar, is arrested on criminal conspiracy charges after it is discovered that he secretly passed confidential information to a mysterious organization known only as the Knights of Enlightenment.

Second Week of Blessing

The battery of cannons known as the Commissar’s Guns is tested this week just south of the city. Most residents believe the sound to be thunder.

Third Week of Blessing

(Brightfather’s Day was the 14th of Blessing)

To celebrate Brightfather’s Day, Doraedian Mythlord and Lord Terrik Clanstone hold an interracial gathering of elves and dwarves in the Temple District—a festival and feast for members of the two races to meet and mingle. It is poorly attended.

Fourth Week of Blessing

Investigators hired by the priests of Gaen, goddess of light, report that the eldritch sludge growing in the sewers beneath Vock Street (known to locals as Dweomer Street) has taken on a life of its own, spawning strange and hostile creatures never before seen. Melior Kalen of the temple of Gaen beseeches the City Council to issue a public safety warning for all in that neighborhood.

First Week of Toil

Blood fills the alleys of Midtown when enforcers from rival criminal organizations clash yet again. The forces of Kevris Killraven’s crime league claim to have bested those of the Balacazar family in a brutal nighttime battle, thanks to help from the Sorn’s mercenary sorcerers.

Second Week of Toil

Scandal rocks House Rau as it is revealed that Nara Rau may have stolen the missing sigil of House Shever. Nara is the wife of the cousin of Verrana Rau, head of the house.

Third Week of Toil

Celdore Silverwood, known to some as the leader of the Dark Leaf organization, denies claims that his group has ties to either the Balacazar family or Kevris Killraven. Dark Leaf, he says, continues to be a neutral group of elf mercenaries specializing in the “subtler” arts.

Fourth Week of Toil

The Silver Dragonscales tournament at Finelle’s House of Pleasant Diversions draws a record crowd. Trouble ensues when the banned half-dragon Synethys is discovered among the contestants— and cheating as well. The Watch was called to deal with the resulting scuffle.

First Week of Harvest

Pirates on the Whitewind Sea have disrupted so much shipping in and out of Ptolus that the Commissar has issued a call for privateers to deal with the threat. He has placed a 20 gold coin bounty on the head of every pirate, and the city will pay 100 gold imperials for a pirate captain.

Second Week of Harvest

The mysterious Beggar King has issued a public threat from his secret lair in the Warrens, conveyed through the beggars of the city. He has sworn to kill Savane, leader of the technophilic Shuul. No one seems to know why he wants Savane dead.

Third Week of Harvest

The Commissar’s personal spy ring, the Imperial Eyes, has ruled out any chance that the Brides of Magic had something to do with the death of Imperial Inspector Dallis Kalberth. Investigations continue into the murder, which occurred in a sealed room beneath the Imperial University.

Fourth Week of Harvest

Rumors have escalated that crime lord Kevris Killraven has developed a new plan to eliminate her Balacazar family rivals by the end of the year.

First Week of Moons

A tower in Rivergate, known to belong to the wizard Hadrestin Poule, disappeared in a flash of green light. Those living nearby say that the only thing found in the now-vacant lot is some strange, greenish slime. Members of the Inverted Pyramid are investigating.

Second Week of Moons

Ebbert’s Outfitters in Delver’s Square has been robbed. Reports say that among the items stolen were seven hundred fifty feet of hemp rope, eighty-two iron spikes, and ninewooden mallets.

Third Week of Moons

The Commissar has issued an edict stating that local law now recognizes spells of a compulsory nature to constitute a threat significant enough to warrant a claim of “justifiable murder in self-defense,” as defined in the Vast Codex, volume 14, section 113B. People are already calling this the “kill the enchanter” law.

Fourth Week of Moons

The Viridian Lords send word that the Old Coast Road north of Ptolus remains safe despite rumors of attacks from undead creatures bearing ancient firearms.

Fifth Week of Moons

Lady Devina Kath of House Kath has announced the engagement of her cousin, Katerin Kath. Her fiance is Dillon Von Malletoth of Tarsis. The wedding will be held next year on the Day of Joining. The two will live in Ptolus. Rumor has it that Dillon has numerous gambling debts, and that getting out of Tarsis and into a moneyed family is a smart move for him.

First Week of Yearsend

The Keepers of the Veil reported that a large nighttime battle ensued among the graves and mausoleums of the Necropolis. Apparently, several factions of the Forsaken entered into some kind of struggle.

Second Week of Yearsend

The Commissar met in secret with the Twelve Commanders this week. No one knows why, but some speculate that it has something to do with the rumors of trolls and orcs gathering beneath Oldtown.

Third Week of Yearsend

The ongoing criminal feud between Kevris Killraven and Menon Balacazar continues, as another clash between their forces tears apart an illegal brothel in the Guildsman District.

Fourth Week of Yearsend

A terrible storm coming off the Whitewind Sea damages ships and wharfs alike in the Docks district. It also washes some tritons to shore. They reportedly spent some time with the patrons of the Sailor’s Rest tavern, sharing strange stories of the deep, and then returned to the sea.