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View of the Docks from the Ptolus waterfront:

Far below the level of the city streets, the Docks rest at the bottom of the Cliffs of Lost Wishes on a narrow, sandy strip of land. A dozen ships moor in the deep waters here at any given time—sometimes far more than that. This is a particularly rough area of the city, thanks to the influx of sailors and the district’s remoteness from the rest of Ptolus, but since imports and exports are so important to the city the Watchhouse here is well stock and the streets well-patrolled. However, the Watch does overlook certain illegal activities, as they help keep the peace.

On top of being so far removed from the main city, just getting from midtown down to the docks was frustrating. A single, narrow road descends the cliff face, with consistent traffic going to and fro. The bards often had to step aside to allow a rumbling cart to pass. Only once did they make the mistake of stepping to the right and leaving their backs to the long fall down. A fall one would not likely survive. The remaining times they went to the left, putting their backs against solid rock.

The smell of sea salt and fish clings to everyone in the Docks. Sand and grit cover everything. Even the streets are nothing but hard-packed sand. The wooden buildings, stained with salt and grime, stand at odd angles from one another because each one is sinking slowly into the sand. The district boasts no new buildings—there hasn’t been available land to build on in over a century. Today, considering the sorry nature of the district’s foundations, any structures that collapse entirely or are taken by fire are not replaced.

The streets bustle from sunup until well after midnight with sailors and all manner of folk that support the shipping industry: dockworkers, shipwrights, carpenters, warehouse personnel, and so on. These are hardworking folk with rough demeanors. Most of them, particularly the sailors just off their ships, are looking for strong drink and entertainment when they’re not working. This is no place for the fastidious or the easily offended. It’s no coincidence that the Nobles’ Quarter is as far from the Docks as it can be-laterally as well as vertically.

Vogh and Talin’s questioning led them to speak with an old man, Dodun Fisk. Fisk had been telling people he saw the event. This aged fisherman is happy to tell anyone who asks that he saw some men in gold and purple robes come ashore in a dingy, leaving the burning ship. No one else seems to know much about the event. Apparently, the ship had just dropped anchor in the harbor when it caught fire and went down quickly. There were no survivors.

A grotesquely obese man, the Dockmaster never leaves the top of the tower. He transferred paperwork and messages via a basket on a string outside one window. For anything requiring more, he has a small girl named Secki, age eight, who works for him, delivering messages and bringing him food. Only Secki is allowed up into the top of the tower—no one else is permitted.

Hollering up to the dockmaster they found the man did not give information freely. Secki, a cute little thing, explained it took gold to get him to talk. She seemed kind and genuine. Finally Talin offered up 5 crowns and they learned the ship hadn’t yet officially docked before it sank, so he had no record of its point of origin, crew, or cargo. Dodun and the Dockmaster gave nearly identical descriptions, the dockmaster by quickly scribbled note lowered in the basket, of where the ship was anchored when it went down.

The Dockmaster did have past records of the Arrowhead which listed the captain as a human woman named Karra Bann. It was a cargo ship that usually delivered foodstuffs from the north coast.

Dockmaster’s Tower


Great post bud!!  Since I said in my post that I am at the docks already I will not talk about the trip down…

When Vogh talked to the old fisherman, she could tell that he was being sincere in his efforts to tell her all that had happened.  The men in purple robes were particularly interesting and she would make a mental note of that.  After speaking with him she thanked him with a gold piece and went on their way to talk to the dockmaster.  Would you be able to take us to the point in the harbor where you saw it go down?  Vogh asked.

When they arrived at the area they were pointed to, Vogh and Talin looked up at the tower and as they did the child Secki came out and asked them what they wanted.  When the girl came back and explained what the dockmaster had told her, after paying 5 crowns of course, Talin paid and there were a few more questions to be had before they knew all information was pretty much accurate.  The only thing they didn’t have yet was a boat to take them to the spot.

You forgot to get me a boat!!

Does either bard carry an instrument with them at all? I know Talin’s primary is a ‘guitar’ but what about vogh? And I’m guessing they would carry them in their magical backpacks anyway, right?

After gathering all the information they could it was time to put water beneath them and head out to the wreck site of the Arrowhead. Hopefully their information was good. They were directed to one place, Sard’s Boats, to rent transport into the Bay.

Sard Drin – or “Old Sard” as he’s called – rents out his four boats: three rowboats and one small keelboat from his booth right on Pier Eight. Renting a rowboat from him required a refundable deposit of 20 gp, plus a fee of 1 gp for twenty-four hours. The keelboat calls for a deposit of 500 gp, with a fee of 20 gp for twenty four hours (minimum cost 50 gp). Renters have to prove some degree of seamanship to take the keelboat, otherwise Old Sard goes along; he pilots the larger craft at an additional cost of 5 gp per day.

The bards handed over the 21 crowns to the old seaman and hopped into a rowboat. Sard untied the line, and cast it into the small craft then Talin began rowing away. Being on the water was a very different feeling from looking across the Bay from the docks. Everything was on their level, and understanding the spot both Dockmaster and Dodun pointed out became more difficult.

With drinking their water breathing potions, an eight hour clock started until the magic wore off. Both jumped overboard into the cold water. The cold bit at them, but both focused on the task at hand: finding the sunken Arrowhead. Thankfully they were incredibly fortunate to find the ship after only 10 minutes of searching. Magical, everburning torches let off their light in the dim and murky waters of Ptolus Bay. Through the dark, cloudy water the form of a sunken ship came into focus.

Sahuagin Monster in Ptolus Adventure Fought in Bay


Unfortunately the bards’ magical lights in this environment attracted unwanted attention almost immediately. A green, scaly, fish man was outside the hull of the ship, with two sharks accompanying him. Upon seeing the torches the trio rushed toward the bards to attack. Talin went on the defensive and blocked the monsters by getting in front of Vogh, who took up her song to bolster both of them.

One shark swam around the duo, clearly moving to attack, while the fish man and another shark swam straight for Talin. He was able to deflect the shark’s bite, but unable to stop the trident stabbing into him.

Vogh swam forward and slashed into the shark’s side, spilling blood into the water. Talin likewise chopped down and cleaved through the fish’s head, further sullying the water. The second shark swam up to attack Talin from behind but the bards worked in concert and kept the snapping teeth at bay, and the stabbing trident.

Even though the duo hadn’t fought underwater, it was quite clear they had practiced and worked well to compliment each other in any battle.  Vogh’s music rang in their minds and gave them the strength to hit harder and with more accuracy.  As the second shark came in and tried to bite Talin, he managed to dodge the bite this time along with a feeble attempt from the Sahuagin as it tried to stab him with its trident once more.

Talin and Vogh both turned sharply in the water and were able to unleash a few more strikes from their magical blade into the next shark that just tried to eat them.  Hoping that the sharks are taken care of they will next go for the Sahuagin and lay it to rest as well.

Rolls are in Roll20
Also Vogh has a horn with her.  Why do you ask?

Only asked to know if people would identify you all as Bards, or just see regular fighters.

Talin and Vogh make fast work of the remaining shark. The duo adjusts to attack the fish-man, and it goes into a frenzy, dropping its trident and flying into a flurry of attacks. One of its talons scrape across Talin’s armor, and the man snaps his head back to avoid the biting maw, but one of the beast’s sharp talons scrapes his arm (7 damage)

The bards double team the remaining threat, Talin’s sword flashes high, while Vogh’s goes low. First the sahuagin’s head was removed from its green shoulders, then its belly was opened. They had to swim away to get out of the murk of blood and gore staining the water around them.

Both swam directly toward the ship just in time to see another of the fish-beasts appearing out of a hole in the hull. The green and scaly thing was carrying a crate in its webbed hands. Upon seeing the two humans swimming toward the boat, and the bloody mess behind them it dropped the crate, turned in the water, and swamp away with all hates.

Talin and Vogh couldn’t hope to match speed with the creature in its natural environment, so they let it flee and moved to inspect the boat.

It was clear the ship, not fully burned before it went down, had been broken into and ransacked. Cargo was obviously missing, and broken bits of wood floated everywhere. Plus, just through the hole in the hull they can easily see there was no glass coffin present.

The fleeing sahuagin foolishly rushed in the same direction as a trail of broken pieces from crates and barrels laying in the sea floor, leading to the northwest. The humans cannot follow the trail visually very far due to the dark and murky water. Both shiver involuntarily from the cold water, and the pressure, at this deep depth of over eighty feet below the surface.

After finishing off the sharks and then the sahuagin.  Vogh and Talin move to the ship.  Now pretty far down from the surface, the cold begins to nibble at Vogh.  The options thus far were doing the job at keeping them alive by being able to breathe the water.  At first the feeling was so foreign and Vogh had to go under a few times to not feel like she was suffocating.

Just as they both come in front of the hole in the hull, they see another sahuagin making its way out of the hole carrying a crate.  Vogh and Talin started that way but the sahuagin saw them and took off.  The thing was way more adept at swimming so Vogh and Talin let it go though they could see a trail of broken crates head off in the direction it went.

Let’s take a look inside before trying to follow the sea creature we killed.  I think they are called sahuagin if my memory serves me.    with that they both entered and began to slowly look about the broken ship.

Vogh also casts detect magic to see if that can pin point anything of value as well. Orange>17:47, Today: Vogh rolled 9,6 using D20+5,d20+3. Swim checks.

Looks like they will take some damage.

Each take 3 damage from splinters/sharp wood

As the duo neared the sungen vessel’s side both under-corrected and smacked into splintered parts of the hull. Both pulled splinters from themselves and were able to continue.

A few crates remained inside the ship, but most seemed to have already been carted away. Swimming down to open one crate, Talin pried it open and inside revealed several stoppered, glass bottles of a black powder.

Vogh swam towards the ship and tried to spot where it was.
Vogh and Talin: rolling 1d20 + 5 (10)+5= 15 rolling 1d20 + 1 (12)+1= 13
(GM): rolling 1d20+7 Vogh search (14)+7= 21
Vogh found the ship the first 10 minutes of looking.
After drinking water breathing potions, Vogh and Talin have 8 hours
(GM): since you all did not make the DC 18 spot check, the sahuagin and sharks find you first
(GM): roll initiative and roll swim checks for each of you
Vogh and Talin: rolling 1d20 + 3 (18)+3= 21 rolling 1d20 + 7 (4)+7= 11 those are init
Vogh and Talin: rolling 1d20 + 5 (11)+5= 16 rolling 1d20 + 3 (18)+3= 21 those are swim

(GM): getting ready to move to attack
rolling 1d20+1 Sahuagin init. (3)+1= 4 rolling 1d20+2 sharks init. (7)+2= 9
(GM): So you all certainly aren’t surprised V/T act first
As Vogh sees the sharks she begins to sing her music.
Talin gets in tight with her and goes on the defensive right now.. full defense
(GM): rolling 1d20+4,1d6+1 shark (3)+4= 7 rolling 1d20+4 shark atk (10)+4= 14 rolling 1d6+1 shark dmg (5)+1= 6 shark misses rolling 1d20+4 Sahuagin atk (18)+4= 22 rolling 1d4+2 Sahuagin dmg (4)+2= 6

Knowledge nature to identify the sharks : rolling 1d20 + 12 (16)+12= 28

Vogh drops her song as her sword picks it up and she swims 5ft ahead to strike.
rolling 1d20 + 5 (8)+5= 13 rolling 1d20 + 16 (8)+16= 24 rolling 1d8 + 13 (1)+13= 14

Talin swings his blade at the shark rolling 1d20 + 3 (20)+3= 23 swim
rolling 1d20 + 14 (17)+14= 31 attack rolling 1d8 + 11 (3)+11= 14 damage on the shark.

(GM): rolling 1d20+4 sah atk (6)+4= 10 rolling 1d20+4+2 shark 1 atk (8)+4+2= 14
rolling 1d20+4+2 shark 2 atk (5)+4+2= 11

Vogh now turns her attention to the other shark that arrived: rolling 1d20 + 5 (6)+5= 11
rolling 1d20 + 16 (15)+16= 31 rolling 1d8 + 13 (3)+13= 16 Swim then attack then dam.
Talin turns to the shark and attacks rolling 1d8 + 3 (8)+3= 11 swim still beat it with a d8 😉 rolling 1d20 + 14 (2)+14= 16 rolling 1d8 + 11 (3)+11= 14 Talin’s attack and damage. Both attacked the other shark

So I think with the discovery that not much is in the hull of the ship they will come back to it after they follow the broken pieces so they are going to follow the trail of broken pieces
got it

Vogh does a knowledge check to identify the triton and the dolphin rolling 1d20 + 12 (7)+12= 19

(GM): The duo sees a dolphin swimming toward them with a second humanoid creature beside it. The humanoid had silvery skin which faded into silver-blue scales on the over the lower half of its body. It had two legs, but instead of feet, the appendages ended in flippers.
It carried a trident much like the ones the fish-men had used, but he and his dolphin companion stopped a safe distance away and raised a hand in polite greeting

Vogh immediately stop swimming not know what the humanoid creature is
Vogh raised her hand knowing that the creature was meaning to talk. Her and Talin began to swim forward slowly

He spoke out, which was strange in the underwater environment, and greeted the duo:
“Well met. Humans?” He asked in a questioning tone. “I am Quillong of Konagis and this is Flynn, my companion. We observed you fighting the sahuagin. Are they your enemies?”

Vogh spoke first, “we were attacked by the sahuagin and its shark. So to say they are our enemy is true. Nice to meet you Quillong. I am Vogh and this is Talin.” Vogh was surprised the creature spoke the common tongue. “May I ask what race you are, if that is not too forward?”

(GM): “So you are human? You must have some magic about you then. I am a Triton. Flynn is a dolphin. I’ve met very few humans.” He answered, shocked the humans were breathing water and speaking instead of struggling to rush toward the surface.

Vogh says, “Ah yes, we are Humans. We were given magic to be able to breathe and stay under the water for 8 hours.” Since you had observed the fight, did you know about the Sahuagin here?”

(GM): Quillong nodded to her explanation. “Yes, unfortunately. I’ve been tasked with watching over the little beasts. They are the enemy of my people and quite evil to boot. We found out the Covenant of Blood invoked their ancient pact and use the Horn of Blood to summon these sahuagin. My people wanted to make sure they posed no threat to us.”

Vogh had no idea who the Covenant of Blood was nor the Horn, but if the horn was magical it might be something she was interested in. “We were about to follow where this trail leads, would you like to join us?”
“What is the Covenant of Blood and this Horn you speak of?”

(GM): The Triton shrugged and began to swim as he explained.
“The Covenant of Blood os a group of bloodsuckers. I believe you call them Vampires? These evil things have a magic item called the Horn of Blood which, when blown, can summon sea demons to do their bidding

Vogh listened as they swam together, “Vampires? They are controlling sea creatures? Do you have any idea why?”

(GM): Quillong just shrugged, an odd gesture while swimming, but his powerful legs and fins propelled him forward almost effortlessly compared to the flailing humans. “It’s some ancient pact. I don’t know more than that. The elders told us about the group and their magic item. They have done nothing in recent decades, that’s why I’m here, to monitor what’s happening.”

Vogh nodded as she flailed about trying to keep up with the Triton. “Perhaps we can find out together then?”

(GM): He nodded, “I am willing to accompany you for a distance. This trail leads into an underwater cave system. Flynn can leave and return to Konagis to report what we’ve seen.”

Vogh thanked him, “Thank you so much. Let us see what we may then so you can inform your people.”  Vogh and Talin swim along and as they approach what looks like the cave entrance Vogh says, “Is that the entrance to the caves there?”

(GM): The sahuagin have been carrying loads from the sunken wreck of the Arrowhead to a cave along the coast and to the north of the city about a half-mile. The cave entry is underwater, some twenty-five feet below the surface. The caves are filled entirely with water.

(GM): NPC V and T, rolled 23,7 using 1d20+5,1d20+5. Fort save DC 18 1d6 nonlethal cold).
talin takes cold damage rolling 1d6 (6)= 6

Talin physically seemed like he was hurting. “Vogh I need to heal up some, I am hurting quite a bit.

(GM): There were no full or partial crates, just pieces of wood that floated or sunk to the bottom of the enclosed and water-filled caves
Rolling 2d8+5 drink potion that Vogh hands Talin. (2+1)+5= 8

Vogh asked the Triton if the arrow leads to the caves

(GM): He is not certain, never having traversed into this system before. He only observed from afar

“Okay well let us check it out,” Vogh says as she once again pulls out her sword to have it ready.

(GM): Quillong follows behind, trident at the ready
Fish and eels swim in and out of this eight-foot wide cave mouth. None are violent, and avoid the unexpected light source by swimming around the group

Vogh marvels at the sight of all the fish, she knows that they are a great beacon for others to see them wishing she could put away the torches. “Let’s go inside here.”

(GM): roll initiative rolling 1d20 Crab (9)= 9
A giant crab, seven feet long and ten feet across, has made its lair just south of the entry cave. Although it spends its day catching large fish and eels in its claws, it’s just as happy to attack humanoids.

Rolling d20+3 vogh init (13)+3= 16 rolling d20+7 Talin init (12)+7= 19
(GM): rolling 1d20 Quillong Init. (5)= 5
Swim checks are again DC10
Round 1. Go
Rolling d20+3 talin swim check (7)+3= 10 rolling d20+8 attack (9)+8= 17 rolling d4+7 damage
(3)+7= 10
Vogh begins her singing to bolster the others and takes a 5ft step forward

(GM): Q cannot get past you all easily, so he’s going to hang back for a sec

(GM) rolling 1d20+6 claw (5)+6= 11

Now bolstered by Vogh’s music Talin strikes again. rolling d20+13 attack (13)+13= 26
rolling d4+12(4)+12= 16 Damage

(GM) rolling 1d20+6 claw 1 (9)+6= 15 rolling 1d20+6 claw 2 (10)+6= 16

Vogh: rolling d20+3 swim check (12)+3= 15 rolling d20+14 attack (15)+14= 29 rolling d4+13 (1)+13= 14
Talin: rolling d20+3 swim check (1)+3= 4 he failed his swim check no attack

(GM): rolling 1d20+6 claw 1 (17)+6= 23 rolling 1d20+6 claw 2 (15)+6= 21
1 on T 2 on V rolling 1d6+4 c1 (3)+4= 7 rolling 1d6+4 c2 (4)+4= 8
and it tries to grapple rolling 1d20+11 grapple T (15)+11= 26 rolling 1d20+11 grapple V (15)+11= 26

Rolling d20+3 escape artist Talin (9)+3= 12 failed
rolling d20+6 escape artist Vogh (7)+6= 13 failed

(G): With both claws occupied by the humans, Q swims around to the back of the thing
rolling 1d20+4 (7)+9= 16 rolling 1d8+1 Q’s damage (7)+1= 8 DEAD!

crab legs for dinner will need a ton of butter

(GM): You find the following: Bottle of Brandywine,Bucket, Clay Pitcher, Clay Tankard, Shears
Small Hunting Trap, Small Wooden Chest with 19gp, 1sp and 3cp… near the crab

Quillong, I am sorry I had to kill that thing, but it was trying to squeeze us to death. I hope you aren’t mad. Vogh says not knowing what Quillong was about

(GM): The Triton shrugged like it was not a big deal. “Sea creatures who attack us must be dealt with. I strive to avoid a combat, but this was not optional. I hold no ill-will toward you.”

Vogh gave him a smile and urged Talin forward with a nod.

Talin holds up his hand after a little while cause he sees something different

(GM): There appears to be some kind of cave which goes into this rocky area. The cave opening leads into more water and a much smaller room is all they can tell without closer inspection.

Inching further forward Talin has his blade out and ready. Vogh begins to hum loud enough for her and Talin to hear and QUillong if he stays close.  Talin takes a closer look at the opening

(GM): An eel launches itself out of the cave opening to bite Talin.
rolling 1d20+4 (1)+4= 5
But since Talin was so on guard and ready, he simply slapped the thing away.

(GM): rolling 1d20+3 eel init (3)+3= 6

Rolling d20+7 talin (16)+7= 23 rolling d20+3 vogh (18)+3= 21
Talin strikes at the eel that tried to bite him. rolling d20+13 att (13)+13= 26

(GM): he sliced it in half, or whatever you want 😀

Talin makes quick work of the eel with a flash of his blade.

(GM): This next area looks like a natural chimney, and Talin can see up that the water does not reach the top of the cave, but instead it seems there might be air above the water line

Vogh it seems there is air above, do you want to check it out or look that way to make sure nothing is behind us? Vogh agrees to check out area 10 that Talin pointed out.
Her blade picking up the song that was on her lips

(GM): Talin and Vogh move around the natural chimney and immediately they are no longer in the water, swimming. Instead, they are standing on a stormy, rocky shoreline.
A pretty young girl and her small black dow are playing in the surf, with a compound of buildings beyond, as well as a ship.

Vogh looks about, did they go through a portal or something?

(GM): Then, the vision changes. The Arrowhead is gone, and the structures are all in flames. Figures in black move around the compound, putting survivors to the sword, but they are too far away to recognize or identify.
A small voice echoes in their heads, “Why?” Then the dog is gone, but the little girl is holding a small pocket watch in her hands.

Vogh has seen enough of magical images to know this may well be fake. She tries to disbelieve what she sees.

(GM): dc15 will save

Vogh: rolling d20+2 (14)+2= 16

(GM): Vogh realizes these images are being imparted to their minds.
(GM): The images just repeat in her head until she forces them out

Vogh forces the images out of her mind and tells Talin that it is not real.
rolling d20+8 (9)+8= 17

(GM): When she is returned to the water, and the cave, she notices a little girl floating in the cave, hunched in the fetal position. The girl is badly burned, and seems to be alive, but not exactly. No one should be able to survive that level of injury. Nor could a human be down here breathing… The child regards them but does not move…

Little Girl, are you okay? Vogh calls out.  Did you put those images in our heads for a reason? Are you the little girl?

(GM): No voice returns through the water, instead they both hear the voice of a small child respond. “Who are you?” responded in their minds*

We are looking for someone who died. My name is Vogh and this is Talin.
The weird sensation of the voice in her head unnerved Vogh a little but not so much as to not say anything back

(GM): The child’s voice returns in their minds, “I think I might have died…” fear and pain fill their heads, the images fighting to overwhelm them again.

The daughter of our employer was looking for his daughter. Her name was… um do you remember Talin? His name is Linech, Vogh says.

(GM): “That’s my daddy’s name!” the power floods their minds and nearly causes a headache.

Vogh grabs her head in pain. Can you please stop doing whatever it is you are doing to our minds? It hurts.  If you died, how are you here now? Vogh is getting a bad feeling about this.

(GM): “Am I doing something”? The images stop as the little girl again regards them. It’s difficult for them to look at her. The skin of her face is partially burned, as is much of her hair. The skin that remains is pale and sagging in undeath.
“I don’t know…” she responds simply, innocently.

Perhaps there is something that can be done for you. Would you like to come with us? What is your name?

“My name is Liniele” the sweet voice responds in their head. They could ‘feel’ her hesitancy. Then Vogh noticed a gold pocket watch tightly clutched in the girl’s hand.

Vogh sees the watch but thinks nothing of it except that it seems out of place here. Mentioning it might make her angry and Vogh doesn’t want that.  We would like to take you to your daddy. Let us help you Liniele.

(GM): She was amicable and floated away from the wall. Again, she was difficult to look at. From the vision, they knew she was once a cute little girl, but that visage had been burned away, literally.  Thankfully they could not smell underwater
(GM): Q came out and explained the chimney cave did indeed end in an air pocket and dry ground above, where he would not accompany.

So you will come with us Liniele? Vogh said.  Then, Talin thanked Quillong for checking the area. We will likely go that way since there is air for us to breathe. What will you do?

(GM): Q responded, “I will stay down here for a bit. If you do not return promptly, I will return to report to my people.”

Okay Quillong we will see what we can find up there, Vogh said.

(GM): the triton backed up and nearly retched as the undead girl moved with the group, but he kept silent and simply swam backward
Talin said, Thank you for your assistance

(GM): They surface from the tunnel and appear to be in a natural pool
the floor ahead is dry, and going up to the ceiling is air, the water seemed to stop in the pool

It felt good to get out of the water Vogh and Talin thought

(GM): The floor is roughly hewn stone, making it easy enough to walk on, not the floor of a natural cavern, but one that seemed to see little care in its creation.  Up ahead they could see more water, as this dry area seemed to be just a bit above the water line

Stay close Liniele, we don’t want you to get hurt, Vogh said

(GM): The little girl imparted an image of her nodding into their heads.  Around the corner the duo could see the flicker of torchlight up ahead

Talin pointed to the light ahead and began to move a little closer

(GM): Their light source illuminates into the cave, revealing piled up crates still dripping with water, and a shattered glass coffin with pieces scattered all about

Talin peeks around the corner to see if there are any of the sahuagin creatures

(GM): Four humans are using crowbars to pry open boxes and searching their contents
Two other humans look on, one male and one female, then a huge human man and an assarai (lizard man) are standing by, both wearing shackles, as slaves waiting to work.
(GM): initiative

Rolling d20+3 vogh (19)+3= 22

(GM): rolling 1d20+2 guards init (13)+2= 15 rolling 1d20+0 thugs init (11)+0= 11
rolling 1d20+6 liniele init (15)+6= 21

Rolling d20+7 talin (6)+7= 13

(GM): vogh can act first

Vogh began to sing

(GM): Liniele moves forward, and immediately the shock and fear is evident on the people’s faces.  The male and female guards both snatch up their bows and fire at the trio
rolling 1d3 T/V/L (2)= 2 rolling 1d3 T/V/L (3)= 3
so one shoots at V and one at Linele

(GM): Vogh ducks aside the first arrow, the rapid shot making the male miss badly
but the female drives an arrow straight into the undead little girl, eliciting an otherworldly scream

Rolling d20+15 Talin charges to attack the thug (16)+15= 31 rolling d8+13 (4)+13= 17

(GM): he’s dead
(GM): the three living thugs grab clubs from their belts and attack talin the third moves around talin and makes a beeline for vogh but can’t attack this round b/c double move
(GM): ok, 2 thugs attacking rolling 1d20+4 thug attack talin (13)+4= 17
rolling 1d20+4 thug attack talin (13)+4= 17 rolling 1d6+2 club 1 (3)+2= 5
rolling 1d6+2 club 2 (2)+2= 4 both of the thugs smack talin with their wooden clubs
the slaves run away to the door and cower

Rolling d20+14 vogh attack (8)+14= 22 rolling d8+14 (3)+14= 17 on thug and sword takes up the song

(GM): It died

After the strike Vogh moves forward

(GM): Linele flys into a rage and runs toward the woman who’s arrow struck her
rolling 1d20+5 liniele (8)+5= 13
(GM): The scared woman backpedals, throwing her bow at the undead little girl, and drawing out a long sword to retaliate.  Her weak upward slash the little girl dodged
the man backpedaled away from the undead little beast and shot at her with an arrow
Another shaft entered her flaccid skin and how she screamed all the more

Talin: rolling d20+13 attack thug to Talins right (7)+13= 20 rolling d8+13 (4)+13= 17
Talin slashes at the thug hoping to end its life

(GM): dead
(GM): the lone thug steps away from the bards, slapping its club ahead of it to retreat

Talin: AaO?

(GM): he jumps into the rowboat, pushing it away from the shore a bit and frantically trying to untie the line, no AaO, 5-foot step, then move

Vogh charges the male archer rolling d20+16 (1)+16= 17 miss

(GM): want to roll to see for fumble? 😀 she could drop her sword or something

Vogh: rolling d20+16 (11)+16= 27 nope

(GM): the male follows his female counterpart’s lead, throwing his bow at the attacking woman, and drew out his sword to defend against hers liniele once again launched herself at the woman rolling 1d20+5 (20)+5= 25 YES! The little ‘girl’ jumped onto the woman
rolling 1d6+4 (2)+4= 6 then lashed forward with her teeth at the woman’s neck
rolling 1d20+5 (15)+5= 20
(GM): vs woman grapple rolling 1d20+4 (13)+4= 17
(GM): the little girl’s teeth sink into the woman’s neck and blood spurts from the wound

Ellis B. (GM): rolling 1d20+4 woman grapple break (1)+4= 5 fail
the male guard lashes out with his longsword, 21 hit? 9 damage
his sword darted through her defense from the wet blade and opened a nasty cut on her arm

Talin sees the male open a wound on Vogh and charges the man with rage and slashes down hard at the man rolling d20+15 (7)+15= 22 rolling d8+13 (6)+13= 19

(GM): the thug gets the boat clear and starts to row away

vogh attacks rolling d20+14 (13)+14= 27 rolling d8+14 (4)+14= 18
(GM): ugh, he’s dead

Vogh angry at the man for making her bleed more slashes her blade across the throat ending his life

(GM): rolling 1d4 con damage (1)= 1
liniele takes the woman to the ground and continues to suck blood from her neck

we’re basically off the initiative, the guy in the boat can’t escape

Vogh says to Liniele, Stop Liniele don’t give in to the urge
Talin grabs a bow and shoots at him rolling d20+12 (4)+12= 16 rolling d8+8 (7)+8= 15

(GM): Talin drills the escaping thug through with an arrow, causing the small row boat to stop and drift a little with the lapping waves

With the Thug dead, Talin turns to the slaves. Are you both okay?

(GM): they nod, both terrified of the little girl

Vogh tried to get Liniele to stop sucking blood

(GM): Liniele does not stop, it’s going to take some mad diplomacy or spells

Liniele please stop, your daddy wouldn’t like this, Vogh says rolling d20+16 diplomacy (16)+16= 32
You are much better than this Liniele.

(GM): the guard is obviously horrified, clutching her torn neck, pale and sliding away on her butt

Vogh points her sword at the woman. Who do you work for? Answer and you may still yet live!
Talin unties the slaves so they are free. Do you know who these people are and who they work for?

(GM): “The Balacazars! Please keep that THING away from me!”

We will. The Balzacazar’s? Talin had heard of the family naturally. Are you injured?
Vogh takes what was binding the slaves and binds the woman

(GM): The slaves both explained they were not injured

Where do these stairs lead? What does Vogh know about that family?

(GM): The woman answered, “Up to the manor house. We cannot get there! I don’t have a key! Someone has to open it from the other side, but you DON’T want to go up there!”

Vogh: rolling d20+12 knowledge local (16)+12= 28

(GM): Balacazar Crime Family

Well, there is no way the slaves will live going in the water and nor will you. So how do you signal them to let you up?

(GM): (so I might have been wrong, it seems the boat can go out the cave tunnels at different times of tide) which means you all could take the boat out if you wanted

Vogh: She can still answer the question

(GM): you want to take all the crates? full of drugs?

Vogh: hmmm maybe not a good idea… Talin will dump all the stuff in the water
so it is destroyed

Vogh and Talin decided against bringing all the drugs back.  Talin took all the drugs and dumped them into the water and then began to get everyone into the little boat, including the woman who was bleeding from the neck.  He noticed that not all could fit so he thought about it for a moment and decided to go see if the triton could go get the boat they had brought.

When Quillong returned with the boat Talin and Vogh loaded the boats.  Lizardman and Woman bad guy and Talin in one.  Vogh, Liniele and other slave in the other.

They rowed their way back to shore and while everyone waited, Vogh turned the boat back into the old man and then hailed a carriage.

Vogh then said to the Lizardman and the other slave that if they wanted to join them.  She would get them a room at The Minstrel and a good meal for the night.  If not then they were free to go.

Vogh and Talin then made their way back to see Linech.  On the way, they stopped by a watchman tower and Vogh brought the tied woman inside.  She turned her over to the authorities with the story that they found her in a cave out in the harbor with a bunch of drugs that Vogh destroyed.  She relays that the woman worked for the Balacazar crime family.

With the woman taken care of Vogh gets back in the carriage and both her and Talin head to Linech’s with Liniele in tow.  Vogh wished she could do something for Liniele, but also knew the magic was far too out of reach for her and Talin.

Arriving outside the compound once more, Vogh and Talin head out of the carriage with Liniele in tow.

The woman guard grimaced from where she was seated and tied as Talin dumped the precious drugs into the water. Moving away from the murky, black cloud the dark powder created Talin plunged his head beneath the water and hollered until Quillong appeared. The triton was amicable to retrieve the boat for the bard duo and returned, pulling the cord beneath the surface. This gave the illusion to those on dry ground the boat was moving of its own accord.

Talin pushed his head beneath the water once more, briefly explained to the triton what occured above and the information they had gained. Quillong raised his trident in salute, thanked the bard, then turned and swam down the channel to return and report to his people.

Vogh and Talin learned the lizardmans name was Salsan, or Sir Jingles as his slavers mockingly called him due to the bells they tied all over him. Salsan thanked them for freeing him and introduced the large human man, Sumar. Ironically, Sumar the human was less eloquent than Salsan. He explained before he had been captured and sold as a slave, Sumar was a hunter outside the city.

Salsan was happy to load up and row the boat with the woman guard and Talin, while Sumar also volunteered to pull the heavy oars of the boat hauling Vogh and Linele. Everyone was unnerved by the undead little girl, but they calmed as the girl seemed far more docile with Vogh’s comforting words, and song.

Dusk was falling after all the work with the drugs and retrieving the extra boat, so Vogh instructed the rowers to take it slow. They did not want to arrive at the docks while so many were about, only to attract unwanted attention.

Upon reaching the dock they realized Sard was no longer at his booth on Pier Eight. No matter, they tied up both boats figuring they could return tomorrow. Perhaps Sard would even give them some gold for the new boat.

The bards brooked no outbursts from the woman, plus Salsan and Sumar walked on either side of her to ensure there would be no escape attempt. Both of the former slaves testified to the City Watch of her involvement with the crime family, her part in the drug trade and in their illegal slavery. This evidence, with Vogh and Talin’s words, were more than enough for the Watch to imprison the woman.

Both of the former slaves were overjoyed at the generous offer and accepted immediately. They looked rough, with tattered clothing and dirty bodies. Talin went ahead and gave them a gold piece to pay for their drinks and food to show good will at the Minstrel. He also instructed them to mention their names.

Disguising the vampire girl had not been terribly difficult. A few prestidigitation spells helped with the filth and smell, then throwing one of their cloaks over her and keeping the hood drawn obscured Linele enough to prevent suspicion.

Linech’s burrow was much the same as they left it. Two guards milled about and challenged the trio, but quickly let them pass with their explanation. Seanus was still working at his desk, alone in the room this time. The halfling greeted them and inquired about their additional companion, but with Talin’s comment it was for “Linech’s eyes only” led them up. Linech, the big, ugly woman, and Ruror the dwarf guard were all three in his office.

Vogh led Linele forward and removed the hood. All four of the group gasped, and Linech screamed as his undead daughter leaped across his desk to attack, slamming into him!

Vogh thought herself clever when she brought Linele to her father.  She didn’t know it would turn to horror when the girl laid her eyes on him.  At first, Vogh thought she was jumping to hug her father, but then Linele jumped at her father trying to kill him it looked like.

There wasn’t much Vogh could do besides try to help restrain his daughter.  Vogh sang out the tune she played before hoping it would soothe her soul.

If it didn’t work Talin was there with the flat of his blade across the back of her head.
21:58, Today: Talin rolled 12,19 using d20+9,d8+14.  -4 to att for subduel damage.

Talin misses barely with his first bash to the head.  She furiously attacks Linech in return and now a little more stable in her position Talin strikes again.

22:04, Today: Talin rolled 20,20 using d20+9,d8+14.

Vogh watches as Talin hits the girl, but she doesn’t drop.  Vogh steps forward and beans her on the head right after Talin did.

22:09, Today: Vogh rolled 15,17 using d20+10,d8+14.

Vogh and Talin had immediately jumped upon the undead girl and subdued her before she killed her father. Linech was visibly shaken and pale, whether from the vampiric touch of his once daughter, or simply from freight was unknown.

The bards drug her limp body away from him and he stood abruptly, attempting to regain his composure. The woman and dwarf had reacted to the attack, but not as quickly as Vogh and Talin.

Linech was beside himself. He went over to the little girl and looked over her. The orc spotted the golden pocket watch Linele had been clutching since they encountered her in the water caves. His eyes opened wide and he snatched it from her hand, recoiling from her form as if she might leap forward to attack again.

“Seanus, pay these good people the gold we promised them.” The orc shakily commanded, then to the duo he said, “Ask what you will of me, but please deal with her. I never want to see that, creature, again and I want you to promise me you’ll see to it she can’t attack me again!”

The halfling shuffled away, obviously reluctant to leave the room, but he returned promptly with a sack full of coins. “It’s all there. We’ve had it counted and ready since you departed.” He assured them simply, pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose to seat them better on his face as he spoke while still holding the ever present tablet and papers.

With Linele now dead, instead of undead, once more, Vogh moved her to the side away from Linech.  When the man once again came forward and snatched the watch from Linele’s hand, Vogh wondered if it was a family heirloom or something.  She wiped it from her mind when Linech told Seemus to get their cash.

A moment later Vogh stood with he mouth open as Linech just offered Her and Talin whatever they wanted.  Vogh remembered what Lord Zavere had said.  Vogh looked to the statue and said, how about the statue?  Surely that is worth plenty enough for saving your life?

The bards had to use their diplomacy, reminding Linech they had just saved his life, completed his mission, brought back his daughter and now they were going to have to deal with her undead body. Finally the criminal agreed, very reluctantly. Vogh and Talin explained they would return with a cart to haul the incredibly heavy statue away. He nodded in understanding and acceptance.

What do you do with the girl? I’m guessing you’ll return to Shard, but I didn’t want to write that until you tell me what you’ll do with Linele.

Since it was such a late hour Vogh and Talin tried to get another carriage this time.  They would explain to the driver that, Our friend was injured badly and has passed out from the pain.  We need to get to Castle Shard quickly so that they could get her help.  We were told to go there first, before a temple, for they have the funds we will need to revive her.

The carriage driver looked at them skeptically, noting the small size of the body. But halflings and gnomes were common in the area, and Linele had not begun to stink. Nor was there blood from the wounds, given her current undead state.

Rolling across the Rivergate Bridge they could not see into the valley below with the sun down, and night fully taking over. But this way saved them time. Only a skeleton crew of guards (not literally :D) manned the gates at Dalenguard Castle, and they were ushered through quickly after a cursory check of Vogh’s papers. Seeing the name of any noble house certainly sped up the process.

After a half hour they rolled in front of Castle Shard. Moments after knocking Kadmus again answered the door. Did the man sit next to it every moment of the day? No matter, the majordomo greeted them warmly, looked over the small, limp body but ultimately led them into a sitting room.

Lord Zavere and Lady Rill joined them not long after and were interested to hear everything the two reported. Both were horrified to hear of Linele’s fate, Lord Zavere seemed to take it harder than the Lady, which seemed odd.

Both the Lord and Lady were overjoyed at how Vogh and Talin negotiated for Lord Abbercombe’s release and Zavere told Kadmus to immediately make arrangements for a cart and porters for the morning. Kadmus also brought a small bag that contained gems he promised of value to total their compensation.

Lord Zavere spoke up about the girl, “We have contacts who might be able to raise the girl back from death and undeath. We will cover the expense of the endeavor. If you would rather leave her with us, we will take her, or if you want to accompany the young lady we will send payment and instruction ahead of you.”


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