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Vogh Ptolus City by the Spire Campaign Journal Bard Female Dungeons and Dragons D&D DND Pathfinder 3.5 3.0 D20 Wizards Cost Monte Cook

Day 1: return to Ptolus. Meet inlios. Sala investigating inlios. Meet Talin. Get room at GM and stay the night.

Day 2: Vogh spies for Sala but sees nothing. Spends the night with Talin again

Day 3. Vogh gave Talin one of the crystal echo blades. Tells Sala inlios is innocent. Stays with Talin

Day 4. Talin calls Vogh moon beam. Vogh and Talin go to House Kath. Talin meets Sallina. Something had pulled Vogh back subconsciously… Asked to protect ilsandrin.

Day 5. Leave house Kath to visit Ilsandrins home. Watch her perform. Talin goes to Minstrel to play that night. Vogh stays with Ilsandrin.

Day 6. Talin returns to Ils apparent in the morning. All stay the day, and Talin goes back to the Minstrel that night.

Day 7. Talin comes back to apartment with pastries. All go to theater that night. Attacker shows but flees. They rescue Phon Q. and catch two pale dogs. Talin takes Ilsandrin to the GM for safety and both bards spend the night at ils apartment.

Day 8. Vogh and Talin set a trap for the stalker, Samlin, whom they capture and threaten. They meet Brother Fabitor Think who thanks them for helping Phon.
They return Ils. to her place, perform and sleep.

Day 9. They go to see phon at Saches. They go see Phon at her nice apartment. They discuss her pregnancy. Today is Fireday (saturday). She was attacked on Kingday (tuesday) so Theoday (monday) is day after tomorrow.

Day 10. Relax.

Day 11. Bards go to warehouse to meet those the pale dogs were supposed to. Elf Laucio got away. Took injured Vagger Nulus to Fabitor and interrogated him. Learn of Toridan Cran.

Day 12. Go back to Fabitor who kept Vagger over night. Turned Vagger over to City Watch. Inspected Toridan’s house. They moved Phon to their room at the Minstrel. Guun was charmed and didn’t participate in the battle. Cran and the caster were killed in the fight. Guun was let go since he didn’t do anything. They collected the bounty on Cran. Sold stuff at Rastor’s.

Few weeks later…

Day 33. Go to under city looking for excitement. Join Delver’s Guild. Go to Welcome Inn seeking Juel. Meet Reggy the “fulling”.

Day 34. Meet Juel and the gang to go delving!

Day 35. Go to under city to post notice about Abhoth. Met dragonborn and cleaned his armor. Learned about the Lord’s of Chaos. Visited Raul at the Kath estate.

Day 36. Still in Kath manor. Left and went to the Under City. Went to Dularius Mull from posting. Seeking Dolmyr Brighttoe and the rod of Metal and Mineral Detection. Adam Eustice led them through it Mirror Maze. Fought ghul orcs. Slept in Waystation.

Day 37. Woke in Waystation. Delved deeper to encounter skeletons and get locked into the Drow testing chamber. Made it back to the minstrel after allowing the drow to leave the area. They found the dwarfs body and the wand.

Day 38. Slept in after being poisoned. Returned the wand to Dularius Mul. It’s now been 30 days since they rescued Phon. When they return to the minstrel she will be there to meet them. Visited Fabitor to heal the poison. Visited Inlios. Visited Danburys to get dreaming apothecary tokens.

Day 39. Funds gone for Dreaming Apothecary orders of healing belts. 1 week for them to be done. Phon surprised them at the Minstrel. Relaxed the day away.

Day 40. Relaxation day. Met Iltumar Shon to have Voghs armor repaired and agreed to start training him that night. Talin performed that night.

Day 41. Went to Delver’s Guild looking for work. Met Delemele, crying, in the minstrel. Vogh and Talin agreed to help Delemele find the blessed wafers. Encountered Pir at the Gatehouse Pub who told them dwarves stole from her. Went to rivergate and finelles pleasant diversions seeking the thieves. Shoal elf assassin almost killed D with an arrow. Caught he revealed Thord Questin, an ex-cleric of Melann hired him to steal the wafers. The bards found Thord in the Deaven Park, apprehended and turned him over to he City Watch. Delemele offered them healing any time at the Temple of Melann.

Day 42. Went to Rastor’s to sell weapons. Bull & Bear to sell armor, which Iltumar got them top dollar for. They rested, vogh trained with Iltumar and Talin performed.

Day 43. Went into the undercity looking for jobs. Remembered they forgot to meet Juel and his boys. Went to see Jessie Thorton at the Rogue Moon Trading company about goblins with magic items to sell. Went to the Skull and Sword to check on the blue gnolls. They learn about Shilukar who had stolen from House Abanar and others, used a fence named Ammel Dar, and might have gnoll companions. They went to House Abanar but were turned away at the late hour. So they went to House Kath to sleep.

Day 44. Returned to Abanar and met with Lady Mila Stovan. She mentioned a rumour about a noble of House Kath has been seen coming and going in secret at the estate of House Rau. She bet it was Devina having an affair with the much younger Kalbir Rau. They went back, disguised themselves and visited Ammel Dar. Visited Sallin’s and the Exotic Stables. Visited Shar’s Music. Met Mand Scheben, priest of Asche, the God of Cities.

Day 45. Go to Castle Shard. Vogh purchased an ink well crafted to mimic castle Shard from The Silver Cup. They met both Lady Rill and Lord Zavere. Zavere asked them to take a job offered by Lineche Cran, Toridan’s brother, and learn more. Met Seanus, Lineches halfling assistant. Learned of Linelle Cran who had died and was in a glass coffin that went down with the sunken Arrowhead ship. Returned to the Minstrel and found their belts. Meeting at castle Shard again they mentioned a life-size golden statue which Lady Rill asked them to rescue, believing it to be a friend of theirs.

Day 46. Went to the docks. Spoke with old man, Dodun Fisk, saw men in gold and purple robes come ashore after leaving the burning ship. Talked to the Dockmaster through Secki, cute little 8 year old girl. Arrowhead captain woman named Karra Bann. Rented from Sard’s Boats, Sard Drin or Old Sard. Attacked by sahuagin and sharks. Met Quillong of Konagis, a triton. Learned of the Covenant of Blood (vampires) with the Horn of Blood can summon sahuagin. Quillong led them to a cave, where sahuagin had been transporting crates and cargo. Inspecting they get hit with visions of a little girl on a beach with her dog, holding a pocket watch. They meet Liniele Cran, now a vampire. Discover humans working, and two slaves, a human (Salsan) and a lizard man (Sumar). The Balacazar’s own this cave and the manor house above. Talin dumped all the shivel into the water. Liniele attacked Linech, was subdued, then the orc took the pocket watch. Linech promised them the gold human statue (Lord Abbercombe) to keep Liniele away from him forever. They returned to Castle Shard. Lord Zavere paid to have Liniele raised from the (un)dead.

Day 47. Vogh returned to Castle Shared while Talin went to Linech’s Burrow to retrieve the golden Lord Abbercombe and bring him to Shard. They rode in Lord Zavere’s very special, and magical “carriage” to St. Valien’s Cathedral where Archbishop Adlam Theobold himself resurrected Liniele. Talin checked on Salsan and Sumar at the Minstrel. All four took Linele to her mother, Tashari, at Rogue Moon Trading Company. They spoke with Jessie and agreed to accompany her to retrieve the goblins’ magic items. They gave Sumar armor and went to Bull and Bear to armor Salsan.

Day 48. Talin, Vogh, Salsan and Sumar go train at the Tournament Fields. They took the female guard’s armor to Avery’s Armor to sell it. Avery Tannenboss agreed to sell it on consignment. Met Charnoth, litorian druid, looking to buy armor for his bear companion. Ate at the Gatehouse Pub where they had met Delemele.

Day 49. Messenger arrived from Jessie saying to leave tomorrow. Went to Ebert’s Outfitters for travel supplies. Bought their own key to the sewer door in the undercity there they bought other supplies. Took Salsan and Sumar into the sewers. Found ratmen lair with black and white tiles. Killed rats, dire rats, ratbrutes and ghouls. Leared about Hammersong Vaults from Telleth.

Day 50. Bought and sold armor and weapons. Opened a vault at Hammerson, meeting Karsha Hammersong. Met Jessie outside Rogue Moon office, and Tosobon, the wagon master. Met Lipthsu and the goblins in their cave. He and 2 guards returned with them to Ptolus. A small skirmish with 3 orcs and a worg ended quickly. Saw a manticore in chains. Went to Myraeth’s Oddities to sell the magic items. Purchased 2 breastplates to be enchanted and altered by bull and bear.

Day 51. Go see Brother Fabitor. Discovered Phon was missing and that her baby daddy was Helmut Itlestein, High Priest of the Watchers of the Skies. Visiter her appartment then Saches. Learned she seemed to have packed and left willingly. Stopped in to Ladris’ Fine foods thinking it a restaurant. Ladris, a centaur, owned it and was a cohort of the infamous Harrow elf barbarian Kragas the Bold. Went to the Temple Observatory to learn Helmut was out of town so they left a message, but an accolyte told them how to find his home. A Fate Weaver woman (Jamila) answered the house door. Vogh learned Helmut was astranged from his wife. Vogh left while Talin broke into the house, discovering interesting information about Lord Abbercombe, a dark elf Shilukar and the Idol of Ravvan. Talin discovered Phon was in a secret room in the house. Leaving he noticed maps of several important government and church buildings: Administraion Building, Imperial University, the Holy Palace and others.

Day 52 (27th Day of Bloom – Armor ready on 30th). Relax

Day 53 (28th Day of Bloom). Inlios came to the Minstrel, having found her a healing belt. Met with Fabitor. Aided in bandaging and small healing of those in St. Gustav’s. Trained with Iltumar. Raul surprised Vogh at the Minstrel. Brought tickets for his performance at the Cloud Theater on 2nd of Sun, and told her of a meeting setup with Hallusiun Everfar, leader of the Knights of the Chord. Told her to talk to Marlow, Cloud Theater’s owner.

Day 54 (29th Day of Bloom). Relax. Saw a giant silver dragon fly overhead, landing in the Noble’s District.

Day 55 (30th Day of Bloom). Armor ready. Headed to the Guildsman District in search of the vacant lot mentioned at Helmut’s house. Trained Iltumar. Sat Juel, Chule, Otule and Sam at the Minstrel. They cleaned out the Old Grayson House infested with goblins.

Day 56 (1st day of Sun). Summoned to meet Mand at the Temple of Asche. Lord Zavere spoke through a globe. Learn of Shuilukar the dark elf wanting access to Castle Shard, leveraging the restorative for Lord Abbercombe. Met Belie Ekik, learning of enslaved gnomes and a liche. Returned to lot on Brandywine. Killed a bunch of gnolls. Including 2x big, blue ones. Destroyed the Idol of Raven. Recovered the restorative from Shuilukar, who escaped. They bought locks for the lot. Saw Fabitor to heal Talin. Visited Shard.

Day 57 (2nd day of Sun) Met Kalerecent, who agreed to help the gnomes against the Liche. Relaxed until heading to the Cloud Theater for Rauel’s performance. ☁️ (Read Chap 3 #339 for many people met at the Theater). Vogh spoke with Lady Enis Sadar. Vogh said she wanted to visit the Order of Dayra (but never did…). Met with Marlow Atrabonc, primary director at the Cloud, about protecting a boy performer (Dullin Balacazar).

Day 58 (3rd day of Sun) Met Kalerecent and Belie (in disguise) then went into the dungeons to help the gnomes. They defeated the ‘liche’ which turned out to be a Rakshasa named Bhishana, and freed the gnomes to go back to their life of mining gold. Sold all the alchemical supplies from Shilukar’s lair to Buele of Potions and Elixers.

Day 59 (4th day of Sun) Vogh alone went to meet Hallusiun Everfar, Head of the Knights of the Chord at their small keep in Oldtown called Jodan Templehall, temple to Jode, goddess of music. Vogh met Nivae Tamelli, the greatest bard in all Ptolus. Hallusiun said a Knight of the Chord would contact her about training. he mentioned his favorite book was the Sharp Edge of the Harpsichord (allegorical, but whitty). Talin and Belie went to the Administratin Building to inquire after ownership of the lot on Brandywine street. All 3 went to inquire of the Cloud Theaters employees learning the boy who could sing was actually Dullin Balacazar, grandson of Menon. Saw Sheeva Callister and her ghost friend Parnell in the Minstrel. Sheeva was likely the city’s best known delver, despite being retired now. Sheva was well known for having found the Crown of Ki-Lias, an artifact of the Elder Titans. Vogh and Talin ordered hats of disguise from the dreaming apothecary.

Day 60 (5th day of Sun) Met with Dullin and his bodyguard Suturb.

Day 61 (6th day of Sun) Rested and observed the Cloud. Trained with Iltumar.

Day 62 (7th day of Sun) Magical hats delivered. Went to City Library to research rune bearers. Msg #513 Chapter 3: Castle Shard. Rode hot air balloon at Barbarian Balloonists with two halflings Ernast and Fallix. Met with Vesto and Ishara the loremaster, learned about prophesy of the Vallis moon from the Watchers of the Sky.

Day 63 (8th day of Sun) Went to Cloud again to make preparations. Suturb asked about killing Helmut.

Day 64 (9th day of Sun) Killed 3 thugs who tried to attack Dullin.

Day 65 (10th day of Sun – The Day of Joining) At the Minstrel they saw the Archons trio for the first time, and Jevicca Norr. Learned from Fabitor that Kalerecent had been missing for 3 days after follow a lead about digging in Oldtown. The Archeons joined with the others on a similar mission to inspect an abandoned manor in Oldtown. All 6 went to inspect the manor. Went down dug tunnels. Defeated an umber hulk. They entered the outer most rooms of the Banewarrens. Encountered a teal colored teleporting troll. Defeated a female lamia. Found Kalerecent and his dead friend Rsanir. Learned a green hag was trapped inside, having opened it with a wish. They were ambushed by a male lamia (escaped) and Minotaur (died). Blue troll appeared to attack then disappeared. Fabitor asked them to report it the church. All 6 went to meet Ishara the loremaster.

Day 66 (11th day of Sun) Spent almost entirely in the Delver’s Guild library with frustration. Received an invitation to Castle Shard party.

Day 67 (12th day of Sun) The group met again for Breakfast. Brother Thisk asking after their research and itching to setup a meeting with his superiors. Vogh explanation of meeting with Ishara the following day. Jevicca likewise left a note to notify her the moment they had information to share with her, which Julia penned a response explaining the same 13th date for information.

Day 68 (13th day of Sun) Went to Ishara’s. They learned of Danar Rotansin, creator of the Banewarrens and later became the Dread One. Jabel Shammar, the fortress atop the Spire. House Vladaam has a key. Ask Nicalon Regelis, a Knight of the Chord (they didn’t). The Pactlords of the Quaan. Tremoc Korin, ancient Elven translates to ‘The Baneheart.’ (See Chapter 4 Banewarrens msg #68) Met with Jevicca Norr. Broke into House Vladaams vault and got the key, Danar’s own mummified hand. And rescued a dwarf wizard (Degar Ravenspell) and half-elf (Thariad Rivelost) from the dungeons.

Day 69 (14th day of Sun) Jevicca appeared in their room in the Minstrel where all 8 had slept. They gave her the Banewarrens key for safe keeping. Fabitor took V,T,B to the Grand Cathedral, they met Sister Mara von Witten, Brother Tobias Thad, sister Daliana Varaun, Brother Heth Neferul, and Terestir Malacon. Heth gave them a scroll of legend lore to cast on the Banewarrens door. Terestir gave them a missive token. Belie shared about his and Jamir past with Korben Trollone, and his idea to deliver the Vladaam stolen wine to the man as a trap.

Day 70 (15th day of Sun) Church runner (Glil) and Kal met them. All returned to the Banewarrens door where Vogh cast the spell and they learned: “Danar Rotansin crafted this, and other, powerfully enchanted doors which could only be opened by his own hand. Both a combination lock must be opened along with Danar’s own touch to open this door. This door leads further into the Banewarrens. No spell short of a wish spell will temporarily suppress the warding magic and open the door. When a seal is removed by the key only the sealing rod can re-seal a door. Danar’s mummified hand is the Key to open the door now as he is dead. Danar’s Hand can only be destroyed by the staff of shards.

Day 71 Guard duty

Day 72 Guard duty

Day 73 (18th day of Sun) guard duty. Relieved by Order of the Dawn troop. Fabitor gave them a writ which they can present at any Lothian temple for free healing for a full year.

Day 74 (19th day of Sun) Took Degar and Thariad to “the lair.” Visited the gnome wizard Neridoc Bittersong, who owned Arcane Scribe, again for more scrolls. He sold then the Vladaam heist scrolls too.

Day 75 (20th day of Sun) Cast spell to find Shilukar which lead them to Linech Cran’s burrow in Rivergate. All 6 came to capture him. Captured the drow. Vogh went to Castle Shard. Met Lord Abbercombe. Zavere decapitated Shuilukar. Took the head to house Abanar to Lady Mila Stovan for the reward. Belie spied on Linech burrow.

Day 76 (21st day of Sun) Belie and Talin spy on Helmut. The other 4 went to The Siege Tower to question dead criminals. Jahivak, a keeper of the veil, accompanied them. None of the friends missed the several head stones sporting grafiti which read, “Summer is Over. The shadows grow long. The winter of death approaches.” Learned the group was part of The Solvers. Vogh went to the Narras Ink for forging supplies. Visited Talbot Ferrar, the older man who owned and operated Nestor’s, to get Talin a suit. Learned Talbot’s sister was Edina who owned the furniture store Buckingham. Went to the Jade Woman for a dress. Lassa Fedeli knew Vogh well.

Day 77 (22nd day of Sun) The Banewarrens key is stolen! There Order of the Dawn guards were dead, the others missing. The group entered the open Banewarrens door. Vogh and Julia petrified. All but belie slept at St Gustav’s.

Day 78 (23rd day of Sun) Brother Fabitor broke the petrification enchantment. Belie mentioned his idea to sell gold mined by the gnomes they rescued from the rhakasha. Helmut sent the bards a letter to meet. The bards attended the Castle Shard party meeting tons of people. See msg #218+ Chapter 4: The Banewarrens.

Met Adatol and wife Oudre, Hunter. Adatol recovered a long-lost heirloom extremely important to House Kath! He found the painting of Lothian’s mother created by Solorence Kath almost four hundred and fifty years ago!

Note: We didn’t finish posting of the party.

Day 79 (24th day of Sun) All returned to the Banewarrens with an extra member from the pyramid, Avach Ur-Tesstrin, a warrior. The group encountered squatters in the house, who gave them an unopenable chest. They departed with 10 gold at the bards urgings. They met the golden construct Geristranomos. Talin was kidnapped by a phase spider. They battled a big group of pactlord monsters. ogre mage/lamia/mind flayer/sphynx/green hag/ettercap. Only the mind flayer escaped. Leaving with G, they went in search of Talin. Lineche’s burrow was abandoned.

Day 80 (25th day of Sun) Went to inspect the abandoned tower of the dead wizard Golathan. They went to the Lothian chapel in Rivergate and discovered Pactlord of the Quaan there. Recovered Talin. Discovered Brother Heth was a traitor, in league with the Pactlords. “Talin” which was a dark Naga in disguise attacked vogh in the night but escaped.

Day 81 (26th day of Sun) Returned to the church to find Talin petrified. Vogh saved him with the basilisk blood. Jevicca loaned them the standard to protect against fear and stunning. Reached a Sealed door and left the Banewarrens.

Day 82 (27th day of Sun) Met Kalerecent, who agreed to meet with Helmut with them and return to the Banewarrens too. Relaxation day.

Day 83 (28th day of Sun) Meeting with Helmut at the Ghostly Minstrel. Returned to the Banewarrens. Killed the illithid and recovered the Key, Danar’s hand. Met Saggarintys the Silver King. Slept inside the Spire.

Day 84 (29th day of Sun) Fought a Vrock. Found the Sword of Lies/Truth.

Found the sealing rod. Piloted the doomwalker. Red Dragon and Pactlord friends teleported in. Encountered the Maleficite too. Met the magical and intelligent dagger Yaeshla, haft of the staff of shards, created by the finest elven artisans specifically to destroy Eslathagos Malkith. Left the Banewarrens, sealing with the rod as they went.

Day 85 (30th day of Sun) Sell. Sell. Sell. Rest.

Day 86 Went to the administration building to learn more about the lair land. Visited Tashari, Lineles mom, at Rogue Moon. Met a litorian druid and his awakened bear companion, Hybrarch.

Day 87 Visited guilds for building their shop. Mason’s Guildhouse, guildmaster, Pared Cobart was very rude and greedy. Nalaster’s Mill, owner Zed Harrock. Visited belie at welcome inn and met Anthus and Jamir. On her way to the Glassblower’s Guildhall, Vogh was attacked by two lycanthropes and a Pale Dog.

Fenxidor, elf, sent for a cleric. Caebraeth Willowlight, guild master, elf. Yengin, halfling cleric, took Vogh to Temple of Engelan.

Day 88 Jessie sent a note both Salsan and Sumar returned last night and could go on a magic item run for Lipthsu and his tribe. They found most of his tribe dead and enslaved by black skull orcs. Encountered Bharash, Julia and Deacon (who just plane shifted back to the material).

Day 89 Sell magic items. Met the Kayal (fetching) named Fulun Cathemrax. Lacroy, big belligerent human wanting to know about their haul. Learned about Gem Powered magic items. Nicalon Regelis, Knight of the Chord, fan boys over vogh. Trained with Iltumar. Received a message from her mother to meet at the aristocrats table the next morning.

Day 90 Vogh met with her mother. She and Talin relaxed then took Iltumar into the sewers where they fought ratmen. They also met some sewer workers. There rat men used chaos tech. Got bills for lot clean up and a note from Jevicca.

Day 91 Met with Jevicca. Deacon was given a Thoughtstone and invited to join the inverted Pyramid. Deacon told Jevicca about the Night of Dissolution which he and the Archons learned about when they went into the Pythoness House. Thariad cleaned up the whole lot and had a tent. Degar redeemed a Blue wood sword. Learned about the broken sword recovered from the Spire. Eliose Ashglade Brightbeard was a litorian hero, one of the slayers of the Dread One who came millennia before Ghul, whose defeat everyone remembers. Few remember the Dread One. This sword is Solarsong, Gift of Pride’s Fall from Castain whom Eliose worshiped. Talin worked with Rastor, and Lanfarran, the finest litorian smith in all Ptolus, and Elder Kivhareth who is one of the oldest litorian sages. Fulun and Trawarin Omageiros Virsalor, goes by Tristan, met the bards for dinner. Visited Phon, met Menaster and Jamila. They learned from Tristan about Pramael being a closed world. A prison plane. Learned the Archons were looking for Canabulum the Minotaur Wizard and saw the alchemist fire retrieved from the unopenable box.

Day 92 (7th Day of Growth) Went to the Banewarrens to find walls of stone. Teleported inside a trap with holes. Looking through it humans, shaved bald and wearing some kind of darkened goggles, with rods with a hole in the end, emerging from what looked like a dragon’s head, was raised to the hole and immediately followed by a deafening explosion which left behind a smoky haze. At the top of the Spire they met Sagg again and Callin, an Astral Deva. Learned about Sokalahn, a half-demon lich who attempted to break into the warrens. Seekling the Black Grail, he failed. Unfortunately his meddling destroyed one of the Entropy Sphere’s Gates of Delirium to power the spell, and that created the awful Conflagration.

Day 93 (8th Day of Growth) They went to the Quaan. Met Xichlanatlazochtal a Couatl who wanted to kill Charch-Pahn the beholder. A Yuan-ti and Aranea escaped. Found Yaeshla final piece and rejoined her into the staff of Shards. Destroyed the font of the pact with Yaeshlas lightning. Julia plane shifted them back, but they arrived on as island far south of Ptolus.

Day 94 (9th Day of Growth) Returned to the Banewarrens. Sagg gave them one of his scales. In the center of the glistening scale was a symbol none recognized. Saggarintys produced one for each of those assembled, and two additional.

“These are my scales, and the symbol is known to my kind, unlikely forgotten by time. Do with them what you will, but if you encounter another metallic dragon, these should grant you favor…”

Day 95 (10th Day of Growth) Worked on the Banewarrens.

Day 96 (11th Day of Growth) G sealed the Warren’s after the group teleported away. Vogh could no longer contact Sagg through the device. 🙁

Day 97 (12th Growth) Found note in araneas web sac in Sylvan, Written in Sylvan and addressed to Brothers of the Quaan: “The chaos cultists prepare something big. They talk of a huge machine in the caves beyond, and of something called the Final Ritual, which will be performed beneath a temple.”

Talin kept the boots of flying.

They saw House Abanar’s flying ship, and flying griffons, so they tested out the bronze griffon magic item and flew themselves.

Went to Sache’s for 2 dresses for Vogh and leared about Aven Jellel, men’s clothing tailor in the fabric market who likes Delvers.

The halfling Jacalyn Smallburrow was very rude and hateful toward the bards. Talin followed her when she stormed out of the shop. He was attacked by Sorn assasins, who are allies of the Killraven crime league. Two bystanders were killed during the attack. They had dinner with Iltumar. Noticed Iltumar’s ring for the “Brotherhood of Ptolus” was actually a Chaos Cultist symbol. Learned about Skairris Noll, a physicker who tends the sick in Midtown and seemed a bit of a leader.

Vogh, Bharash and Belie all ordered items from the DA.

Day 98 (13th day of Growth) Belie met the bards in their room where Vogh asked him to follow Iltumar. Belie shared that Korben Trollone was allied with the Killraven league, and despite typically not liking each other the Killraven group and the Vladaam’s were working together against the friends. Told the bards more about ‘The Golden Gnomes’ mining operating coming together. Deacon devised a plan for teleportation circles to transport the gold to the surface and supplies to the gnomes. Bards met with Fabitor about the party, Belie spied on Iltumar.

Day 99 (14th day of Growth) Went to Aven Jellel to get fine clothing for the men and relaxed.

Day 100 (15th day of Growth) Everyone visited Belie at the Welcome Inn and he told them about Miraj Toys and the small ‘information’ organization he was putting together.

Day 101 relax

Day 102 relax

Day 103 (18th of Growth) Night of the Church party for the sword of truth recovery.

Day 104 (19th of Growth) Met with Helmut Itlestein High Priest and Hallusian Everfar. Assassination attempt at the Minstrel. Urthan Adir killed Telleth doppelganger and they found her in the basement.

Day 105 (20th of Growth) Vogh sends a messenger to Belie. Bharash, Belie and Vogh spar.

Day 106 (21st of Growth) Deacon sent magical communication that he was doing research. Everyone but Deacon conversed about tracking down the big brute who robbed the Archons at Pythoness house. Belie and Bharash visit Magical Tattoos and learn about Durant the troglodyte from the Gnome tattoo/wizard.

Day 107 (22nd of Growth) Construction on the Brandywine Shop/House began but Vogh had to quit after a short time. Deacon magically contacted the group saying he would follow up the next day.

Day 108 (23rd of Growth) Group meet, except Belie, at the Minstrel to discuss a plan for finding the items stolen from the Archeons by the big-dude.

Archeons go to Vock Row and Deacon’s spell finds the item (insanely lucky) in an apartment. D and J visit Tess’s Cauldron finding a connection to Confluence Village, while B gets the others and they all meet up.

A huge battle ensues inside the apartments, and the group goes down into the sewers to fight ratment and a corpse creature (Warsworn), 3 manticores and Teelas the Minotaur they captured. Teelas warned them, while charmed, that deeper in the caverns there was only death. Deacon & Julia teleported Teelas back to the Hideout.

They gave a random traveler Yesnen Dhuromath, whom they thought was Belie, directions to the White House. Discovered he was a very successful farmer and rancher South of the city.

Learned the appartment’s owner’s name to be Lief deGrey, and found his address in Rivergate where they visited with him about Bharash buying the property.

Day 109 (24th of Growth) The group went out to sell some stuff. They left the weird “orb” with Myraeth for identification. Noticed Iltumar was hurt and he mentioned a “Surgeon” who could enhance people that his friends Jamill (male) and Anikka (girl) told him about with “The Brotherhood” which the group knows shares a symbol with the Brotherhood of Venom, a chaos cult.

Julia & Deacon went to visit Sister Mara von Witten at the Temple. Julia learned about Blessed Children. Mara asked them about the unnaturally calm Warrens and asked Julia to visit Sister Auga Mittermire of St. Laphest’s Open Arms on Curtain Street, a soup kitchen that aided the poor.

Finally everyone joined up and went to the apartments where Deacon dimension doored them down into the ratmen chamber from before. A huge battle ensued against flaming skulls, magical lightning towers, tons of ratmen, and four people. They leared about Wuntad who has “the power of the Shigmaa”.

Lyle Bennit and his office’s address on Dalenguard Road in Oldtown. There was a settlement offer of 10,000 gold pieces to have the matter dropped entirely and all charges dropped, exculpating the six.

NEED AN UPDATE: Detail everything that happened in the Chaos Temple

Day 110 (25th of Growth) Rest & Sell Stuff. Belie stars doing research about Wuntad.

Day 111 (26th of Growth) Rest & Sell Stuff. Myreath will send word back about the Orb: This glass sphere is filled with seething demonflesh. They sold it to Myraeth.

Day 112 (27th of Growth) Julia went to St. Laphest’s and met with Sister Auga Mittermire Deacon went to the Inverted Pyramid to do research. Vogh, Talin & Bharash were asked by Hirus Feek of the Bull and Bear Armory to look into Iltumar and a female friend Lavis Fallomire both missing. V,T & B found Lavis and Iltumar at the Surgeon in the Shadow’s hideout in Oldtown. They disguised themselves and dealt with two chaositech abomination people (killed the male) and a dwarf worker. B pretended to be a lizard man of Killraven’s, while V pretended to be a Tiefling from the Chaos cults.

Day 113 (28th of Growth) Everyone slept, keeping Iltumar and Lavis with them at the Minstrel. Lavis cast located object on her gear and found it inside the Surgeon’s building again. Bharash cut a hole and they retrieved the items, less Lavis’ gold. She promised them a favor to repair their good deeds.

Day 114 (29th of Growth)

Day 115 (30th of Growth) Vogh can resume construction on the house with her lyre. Nalleth, redhead from Mason’s Guild, said she would return.

Day 116 (31st of Growth) House Kath party for Vogh’s induction into the Knights of the Chord

Day 117 (1st of Blessing)

Day 118 (2 of Blessing)

Day 119 (3 of Blessing)

Day 120 (4 of Blessing)

Day 121 (5 of Blessing)

Day 122 (6 of Blessing)

Day 123 (7 of Blessing)

Day 124 (8 of Blessing)

Day 125 (9 of Blessing)

Day 126 (10 of Blessing)

Day 127 (11 of Blessing)

Day 128 (12 of Blessing)

Day 129 (13 of Blessing)

Day 130 (14 of Blessing) Brightfather’s Day: This longstanding holiday is still observed every Fourteenth of Blessing, although its exact origins are now lost. Most religions have adopted it as a high holy day to revere an important god. All look upon it as a day of feasting, family, and making peace with enemies.