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Vogh arrived back to Ptolus working for Rogue Moon

Met Inlios, affordable and fast talking Gnome, from the Exotic Market, knew Vogh from her earlier life.

Sala, woman who wanted Inlios investigated

Met Tellith at the Ghostly Minstrel Inn and got a room there.

Vogh hooked up with Talin

Took him to meet her family

Ilsandrin was their first protection against the crazed fan, Samlin.
Talin threatened to kill Ils. in front of Samlin, then kill him.

They rescued pregnant Phon Quartermain during this time from the Pale Dogs

Met Brother Fabitor Thisk

Visited the Row Bathhouse.

Encountered Vagger (now in prison, turned over to City Watch) and Laucio Dellinti the male Shoal elf hired to kill Pale Dogs by Toridan Cran.

Killed Toridan Cran and his wizard, but spared Guun, the hired muscle. Found Cran’s ledger and turned it over to the City Watch.

Joined the Delver’s Guild and went to Welcome Inn to meet Juel, Chule, Sam and O? to go on a Ratman Nest raid.

Met both Reggy the Full-ling and Bristol (which they didn’t know at the time).

Abhoth, a map and a mysteriously scrawled note referring to “Abhoth, Source of All Uncleanliness, who slumbers deep below with the others.”

Vogh posted a notice in the Delver’s Guild Headquarters in the Undercity:

Do you want to help a group get rid of Abhoth, Source of All Uncleanliness, who slumbers deep below? Our group possesses a map that leads to Abhoth. We are a group of 4 warriors and 2 bards in need of a healer. You will be promised a 7th of what is found for the chance to rid the world of the Source of All Uncleanliness.

If interested please ask for Vogh and Talin at the Ghostly Minstrel.

Vogh and Talin went to visit Brother Fabitor to inquire about a cleric/priest to accompany them. Fabitor told them Abhoth was one of the Lords of Chaos, sealed long ago, and said none of the Lothian priests would want to ‘adventure.’

Vogh met Bharash the dragonborn and cleaned his armor for no reason. They would meet up much later.

Vogh & Talin visited House Kath. They met:

  • Lady Davina Kath, head of House Kath, Vogh’s adopted aunt.
  • Matrenus Kath, husband of Lady Davina Kath
  • Ethisha, the beautiful daughter of Matrenus and Lady Davina
  • Tallaeth, half-elf husband of Ethisha
  • Sallina Kath, Vogh’s adopted mother and sister of Lady Davina
  • Raule Kath, Vogh’s adopted brother
  • Garin Vnata, haughty effete, Vice Chancellor of the Conservatory
  • Narris Dallimothan, House Dallimothan, aka House Dragon, a close ally of Kath.
    Narris and Raule were good friends.

Sallina warned Vogh that that marrying Talin would mean she was no longer of House Kath.

Raule told Vogh that Abhoth was one of the Galchutt.

They visited the Undercity, Delver’s Guild Headquarters looking for jobs. They also learned about ex-delvers and retired individuals often sold their used equipment in the Undercity.

They also viewed the Wall of the Lost where people posted notices about missing loved ones.

They found a posting about retrieving missing items and went to see Dularius Mul.

They met Mul at the Red Stallion Pub.

Bards hired Adam Eustice to help them traverse the Mirror Maze which allowed access to the dungeons.

Dularius Mul, drow, the bards retrieved a magic item from a dead dwarf, Dolmyr Brighttoe, a rod of Metal and Mineral Detection. Triss was in a dungeon designed to learn how the lesser races think and fight. Her mistress is the drow female from the Queen of Darkness module. They helped her escape as she was imprisoned there too.

Encountered Sorn-Ulth orcs. They have skin as black as pitch and beady white bulbous eyes. Their faces look more human than those of other orcs, but they are still bestial. Most walk hunched over. Orcs trapped a deep gnome and ambushed the bards. They killed several but a sorcerer orc escaped.

Visited Inlios the gnome in the Exotic Market to ask about Healing Belts

Visited Myraety’s Oddities

Visited Danbury’s and got Coins to order their Healing Belts from the Dreaming Apothecary.

Met Iltumar Shon at The Bull and Bear Armory.

Vogh began training Iltumar with sword

They saw Delemele, a priestess of Melann the Goddess of Farming crying and helped her recover the Sacred Wafers. Visited the Gatehouse Pub. Talin visited Rivergate for the first time. Visited Finelle’s Pleasant Diversions seeking info, where they were attacked by Shoal Elf. Delemele nearly died from the arrow, Vogh saved her life.

The shoal elf nearly died, but Talin healed him and turned over to the City Watch after he ratted out Thord Questin, a dwarven, ex-cleric of Melann. They apprehended Thord in Deaven Park. Delemele offered them assistance anytime.

They sold weapons to Rastor the Litorian.

Vogh changed armor and sold some. Iltumar got them a good deal.

They went to Star Crossing Plaza to inquire after Jessie Thorton at The Rogue Moon Trading Company about transporting magic items for goblins outside the city. Lipthsu was the goblin leader.

Bards inquired after Rumors of Blue Gnolls in the Guildsman District at the Skull and Sword, likely the roughest bar in Ptolus.

Things to Remember:

Wine from Vladaam taken to Korben

Other items sold from Vladaam estate

Lineche Cran likely a vampire now and hunting the group

Covenant of the Blood has the demon watch and are still interested in Linele because of how the watch turned her.

Killraven is aligned with Pactlords

Pactlords have headquarters in eternity cave.

Iltumar and his bad friends

Night of Dissolution


Helmut Itlestein isn’t lying about not knowing about his involvement in the attack on Phon. He had a bard friend change his memories.

Have Rulus Hobb be caught and have the person be celebrating at the Minstrel or somewhere

Chapter 2: Delving msg #487 I never answered Vogh about the haunting