The Lovely Malison

The Lovely Malison, also known as "the corpse kiss," is a supernatural disease contracted by eating the flesh of an undead creature or a corpse that has been corrupted in some other way.

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Forsaken Body Paint

This paint has two uses: It can cover the user’s body with symbols of death, or it can make the user look vaguely like a skeleton, with black-painted flesh and white images of bones over it.

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Soul Magic

Soul magic is a term that describes a specific sort of spell and the effects it creates. Soul magic spells are sentient, intelligent spells that want to be cast. They are always found encoded in symbols or other writing, similar to scrolls.

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Crystal Echoblade

This longsword’s blade is crafted from jagged violet crystal. When you hold it close to your ear, you hear a faint hum. A Crystal Echoblade normally functions as a +1 longsword, but is enhanced by your musical ability. If you use your bardic music ability while wielding the weapon, the blade resonates in harmony, dealing additional sonic damage on each attack equal to half your bard level.

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