Most people in the Empire are citizens. Originally the purview of humans of Prustan descent and Grailwarden dwarves only, citizenship was slowly bequeathed across the Empire during its more than seven hundred years. The child of a citizen is automatically a citizen, and for 250 gp, virtually anyone can go through the process of procuring citizenship.

All citizens are issued papers proving their citizenship. These Imperial Citizenship Papers show a person’s name, age, place of birth, place of residence, family members, employment, and a general physical description. They also record past residences and major travels. These identification papers are an important tool for the Empire to keep tabs on—and therefore control— its population. They also give City Watch guards, officials, and others an idea of how they ought to treat a given person.

Typically, all humans, all dwarves, all halflings, most elves (including half-elves and Cherubim elves), most half-orcs, and most gnomes are citizens. Some litorians and centaurs are citizens. Very few lizardfolk or Harrow elves are citizens. Virtually no goblins, orcs, minotaurs, or similar creatures are citizens. Dark elves, ratmen, demons, and truly monstrous creatures are never citizens. Imperial citizenship ends upon one’s death (although it is reinstated if the person is raised), so undead are never citizens.

You can find sample Imperial Citizenship Papers (and Identification Papers for noncitizens) among the handouts in the envelope at the back of this book.