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For a millennium, the city under the mountain was the greatest Dwarven kingdom [Dwarvenhearth] the world had ever known. In size, it rivalled even the largest of today’s above ground metropoles and in wealth it out-stripped them all. After a generation of in-fighting, political disagreements, plagues and ultimately attack from their ancient foes sensing weakness, the kingdom fell and those who survived fled.

Those who now remain are half-mad, corrupted by the darkness, and at constant odds with the creatures who seek to make their own home in the relative safety and comfort of the stone halls. The descendants of the city’s true inhabitants watch and wait, biding their time for when they consider themselves worthy to return.

The city was abandoned in a hurry and many treasures are still within, collecting dust. Numerous adventurers have tried to gain entry, but most fail at the first obstacle, the thrice fortified entrance halls. The main gate is a complex mechanism of cogs and gears, almost impenetrable to attack and incomprehensible to all but the most learned of scholars. If they can pass this gate, they must cross the First Hall. Galleys on either side allow any would-be guards to fire upon them without fear of retaliation and the inverted tower hangs above, housing more enemies. As a final defence, the tower itself can be dropped upon the trespassers, crushing them instantly.

If they somehow survive and breach the First Hall’s gate, the second, known as ‘The Slaughterhouse’, is filled with traps. Spikes launching at random from the floor and cylinders of toxic gases ready to release their payload, all while being fired upon from the central gatehouse overhead.

After the third and final gateway, any remnant of the intruders must face the Guardians, two enormous stone golems in the shape of Dwarven warriors of legend. However if the adventurers can find some way to defeat or bypass all of this, an entire kingdom lies before them, theirs alone to explore.

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