A Lot to do and a Day of Relaxation

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Sixth day out of the Banewarrens.

Vogh & Talin go check on the Lot clean up on Brandywine street they purchased which houses the former lair of Shilukar the Dark Elf whom they captured and killed.

The two prisoners they rescued from the House Vladaam dungeons when “liberating” the Banewarrens Key (Danar’s Mummified Hand) have been laying low and living in the “lair” beneath their Lot.

Thariad Rivelost, the male half-elf commoner, they rescued had been cleaning up the Lot of all the discarded junk and garbage to prepare for Vogh to use her Lyre of Building and construct a house/shop.

Degar Ravenspell, the male dwarf wizard, has been working constantly to Redeem the evil items retrieved from the Banewarrens so they could sell them with clear consciences.

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