Learn of Gem Powered Items and Meet a Fetchling (Kayal)

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Fourth day out of the Banewarrens.

Vogh & Talin drop items off at Bull & Bear and Myraeth oddities for inspection to get a price.

They also sell items at Rastors where Vogh meets a golden eyed beautiful kayal (fetchling).

They learn about gem powered magic items through a wand which Myraeth used to create a fireball over Delver’s Square and freak everyone out.

Nicalon Regelis, a Knight of the Chord, met with Vogh & Talin.

Vogh & Talin trained with Iltumar Shon, offering to take him into the sewers to hunt ratlings the next day.

Vogh get a letter from her adoptive mother Sallina Kath, summoning her to the high end restaurant the Arristocrat’s Table the next day.

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