Ptolus Adventure Index

Spectre Of The PastNecropolisAlchestrin's TombPtolus, p. 232Alchestrin, Order of the Fist, Castle Shard, Exploration, Investigation, Combat, Undead
The Rune-Covered ManOldtownAraki ChipestiroPtolus, p. 338Balacazar, Protection, Adrministration Building
Unfixing The FightOldtownArenaPtolus, p. 316Investigation, Combat, Protection, Balacazar
For Her The Bell TollsMidtownBlack SwanPtolus, p. 201Tolling Bell, Chaos Cult, Rescue, Migos Foraeth, Toman Etherin
Ravenstroke Part 1South MarketBlackstock PrintingPtolus, p. 354Aelian Fardream, Shadow Eyes, Skulk, Combat, Exploration, Printing
Isle Of The DeadNecropolisClasthamus IslePtolus, p. 235House Dallimothan, Undead, Winstersouled, Shigmaa Irretharm, Uyethicas
Troll Under The TowerOldtownClock TowerPtolus, p. 319Delver, Troll, Exploration, Combat
Silencing The SopranoMidtownCloud TheatrePtolus, p. 202Balacazar, Protection, Helmut Itlestein
The Stolen Book Part 1South MarketCock PitPtolus, p. 357Aggah-Shan, Balacazar, Investigation, Killraven
Shadow Boxing Part 1MidtownDaersidian Ringsire And Brusselt AirmolPtolus, p. 226Shade Tower, Kadmiel, Combat, Box of Shadows, House Sadar
Behind The Black CurtainNobles' QuarterDallaster ManorPtolus, p. 292Plagueborn, Chaos Cult, Black Curtain, Disease, Investigation, Roleplaying
The Legacy Of Derrin DarkbirthGuildsmanDarkbirth MadhousePtolus, p. 185House Sadar, House Vladaam, Derrin Darkbirth, Conciliators, Dialla Cester, Investigation
Relics Of The Charad TitansWarrensEight ShadowsPtolus, p. 406Charad Titan, Balacazar, Doraedian Mythlord, Eight Shadows, Protection, Investigation
The Exotic MarketSouth MarketExotic MarketPtolus, p. 358Dreaming Apothecary, Smuggler, Investigation, Inverted Pyramid
Criss-CrossSouth MarketFabric MarketPtolus, p. 358Killraven, Revenge, Combat, Doublecross
Gold DragonscalesRivergateFinelle's Pleasant DiversionsPtolus, p. 346Gaming, Gambling, Roleplaying
Smells FishyMidtownFish MarketPtolus, p. 203Revenge, Tracking, Investigation, Combat
Benevolent SpiritsMidtownGhostly MinstrelPtolus, p. 204Keepers of the Veil, Roleplaying, Diplomacy
Half The Man He Used To Be Part 1RivergateGolathan Naddershrike's House And LaboratoryPtolus, p. 346Golathan Naddershrike, Murder Investigation, Tracking, Combat
Murder At The Guild BanquetGuildsmanGrand GuildhallPtolus, p. 186Guild, Roleplaying, Murder Investigation
Spyncer Coil Part 1GuildsmanGuildhouse Of IronPtolus, p. 187Swords of Ptolus, Asche, Spyncer Coil, Investigation
Slavers Get Boils TooTempleHouse Of Sacred HeatPtolus, p. 373Slavery, Investigation, Ennin
The Last NoteNobles' QuarterImperial Academy Of Music (The Conservatory)Ptolus, p. 295Knights of The Chord, Investigation, Roleplaying, Crisis
The Real JirraithWarrensJirraith's LairPtolus, p. 407Pale Dogs, Balacazar, Mistaken Identity, Shivvel, Broadsheet, Killraven, Shuul
Shadow Boxing Part 2OldtownKadmielPtolus, p. 326Shade Tower, Kadmiel, Combat, Box of Shadows, House Sadar
Spyncer Coil Part 2GuildsmanKalbert Nom's ForgeReferenced But Not ListedSwords of Ptolus, Asche, Spyncer Coil, Murder Investigation
The Beggar KingWarrensLackie'sPtolus, p. 408Chaos, Zaug, Beggar King, Lakimos, Lackie, Galchutt
Locathah LoreCavernsLocathah CavernPtolus, p. 452Locathah, Sage's Guild, Dark Elf, Combat
Cross Your LongfingersGuildsmanLongdraught BreweryPtolus, p. 188Torel Sellek, Guild, Roleplaying, Tracking, Murder Investigation
The Amulet Of Gorgoth-LolWarrensMadame Kathea's HousePtolus, p. 409Dark Elf, Sorn, Killraven, Recovering
Descent Into MadnessSouth MarketMahdoth's AsylumPtolus, p. 363Serpent Caves, Chaos Cult, Malkuth, Pactlords of The Quaan, Inverted Pyramid
One Man's TrashGuildsmanMidden HeapsPtolus, p. 189Ratman, Killraven, Combat, Rewards
The Missing Nallish Part 1North MarketMitoren's BladesPtolus, p. 309Nall, Delver, Investigation, Rescue, Combat
The Homecoming Part 2Nobles' QuarterNagel EstatePtolus, p. 298House Nagel, Doraedian Mythlord, Odsen Rom, Prison, Protection, Investigation, Rpging
Spyncer Coil Part 3WarrensPale Dog Safe HousePtolus, p. 411Swords of Ptolus, Asche, Spyncer Coil, Investigation, Combat
The Homecoming Part 1UndercityPrisonPtolus, p. 436House Nagel, Doraedian Mythlord, Odsen Rom, Prison, Protection, Exploration, Rpging
Ravenstroke Part 2Ghul's LabyrinthRavenstrokePtolus, p. 422Aelian Fardream, Shadow Eyes, Skulk, Combat, Exploration
The Missing Nallish Part 2North MarketRed Stallion PubPtolus, p. 309Nall, Delver, Investigation, Rescue, Combat
Caravan GuardsSouth MarketRogue Moon Trading Company OfficesPtolus, p. 365House Abanar, Protection, Outside Ptolus
The Shadowdancing ThiefNobles' QuarterSadar EstatePtolus, p. 298House Sadar, Revenge, Tracking, Roleplaying
The Children of MrathrachCavernsSerpent CavesPtolus, p. 452House Dallimothan, Father Claw, Naga, Medusa, Mrathrach, Galchutt, Combat
Shadow PuppetsOldtownShadow TheatrePtolus, p. 334House Sadar, Kadmiel, Tenebrous Pit, Investigation
Urdon AetharTempleShrine Of The OraclePtolus, p. 375Urthon Aedar, Galchutt, Investigation, Protection
The Gunpowder PlotNorth MarketSmoke ShopPtolus, p. 310Crimson Coil, Chaos Cult, Investigation, Crisis, Combat, Imperial University
The Heist Yet To ComeGuildsmanStar JewelersPtolus, p. 191Stonelost Dwarf, Jeweler, Mistaken Identity, Sisterhood of Silence
Mad CowsGuildsmanStockyardsPtolus, p. 192Plagueborn, Chaos Cult, Mand Scheben, Asche, Roleplaying
Half The Man He Used To Be Part 2MidtownTerrek Nal's HousePtolus, p. 220Golathan Naddershrike, Murder Investigation, Tracking, Combat
Delivery For The Iron Mage Part 2Caverns o.t. GalchuttTourbillion, Caverns Ot Galchutt, Throne Of DarknessPtolus, p. 454Iron Mage, Shallamoth Kindred, Jevicca Nor, Galchutt, Combat, Exploration
The Forsaken TraitorNecropolisTower Of TerrephonPtolus, p. 238Keepers of the Veil, Undead, Forsaken, Combat, Exploration, Investigation
Curing The DebtGuildsmanUllar's Son's TanneryPtolus, p. 193Killraven, Protection, Guild, Sorn
The Welcome EndSouth MarketWelcome InnPtolus, p. 366Balacazar, Protection
Pen Your TaleOldtownAnywhere, Myraeth's Oddities, Qualin’s Books, The Book Wagon, Finnar's BooksSecrets of the Delver's Guild, p. 34Roleplaying
The Stolen Book Part 2OldtownWhite HousePtolus, p. 334Aggah-Shan, Balacazar, Investigation, Killraven