Here is an online, mobile friendly version of the FREE Ptolus Player’s Guide:

The D&D 5th Edition (5E) and Original 3.5 Player’s Guide are basically identical.

Topics Discussed in the above Video:

  1. Getting Started as a D&D Player in Ptolus : City by the Spire
  2. Race Considerations in Ptolus
    1. Grailwarden & Stonelost Dwarves
    2. Elder Elves, Shoal Elves, Harrow Elves
    3. Ratmen and Monstrous Races
  3. Character Classes in Ptolus
    1. Urban Ranger
    2. Druids in a City
    3. and more
  4. Things to Think about as a Player Character (PC) in an Urban City Campaign Setting like Ptolus

If you’re a DM/GM/Narrator then you can request full access to this entire website, which is almost the whole Ptolus Campaign Setting Book online and mobile phone friendly.

I am not affiliated with Monte Cook Games but greatly appreciate this amazing Dungeons and Dragons / Cypher System resource they have created!