Dungeon or Game Master Controlled Characters Are Useful

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A LOT of people HATE on DMPCs – Dungeon Master Player Characters – but they are one of my favorite parts of my games.


What’s the difference between an NPC and a DMPC? It all boils down to connection for me. An NPC typically pops in and out of the PCs lives. A shop keeper. A tavern owner. A traveling merchant. People in the town they frequent. Whereas a DMPC is typically much more involved, often adventuring with the party.

Shared Control of DMPCs

One of my favorite things to do with DMPCs is to share control of them. We did this with Talin in our Ptolus Campaign. A player and the Narrator (me) shared the running of Talin. Sometimes the player would speak for him, sometimes I would. I found this to be a great plot device, especially in a Duet D&D Game (one player and one narrator).

Tell Me About Your Campaign

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