See What My PCs Faced in this Massive Combat Encounter

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In this video Vogh’s player and I walk you through the largest combat encounter any of us have been involved in as we fought against Wuntad and the Chaos Cultists trying to bring about the Night of Dissolution with the Final Ritual. Ptolus the City by the Spire would have been completely destroyed and the Galchutt could have risen up from their slumber to lay waste to the entire world. Of course we succeeded and stopped them.

Special thanks to Discord user chamdar for making this amazing homebrew map that doubled the size of the ritual area, and added a cool natural cavern for the vrocks to fly around in and attack the PCs. Chamdar also created a custom map for the Temple of the 53 Gods of Chance.

Night of Dissolution Final Ritual Homebrew Battle Map

Download High Resolution Final Ritual Map (2560 x 1113 pixels)

Night of Dissolution Final Ritual Homebrew Grid Battle Combat Map Wuntad Chaos Cultists Galchutt Tolling Bell

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