Published Adventure Modules for Ptolus : City by the Spire

In the above video I give my advice on the easiest adventure modules to use for getting started in Ptolus.

Reference: Here is a List of Ptolus Adventure Modules which I will keep updating with recommendations!

1) Start with the Ptolus core book Part VII

2) Read Chapter 31: Campaign Advice

This will give you an overview idea of all the campaigns you can run in Ptolus.

  • Dungeon Campaign
  • Spire Campaign
  • Rise of Chaos
  • Streets Campaign

3) Then read Chapter 32: Urban Campaigns

Few DMs/GMs have run campaigns entirely focused around one city. This chapter gives you some great insights into exactly how to do that.

4) Finally, read Chapter 33: Adventure Modules for Ptolus to get started immediately!

That’s exactly how we started, then we went into the Night of Dissolution and Banewarrens modules created by Monte Cook Games.

Ptolus Adventure Module Progression Order

Levels : Adventure : Source

1 : The Murderer’s Trail/Trouble With Goblins : Chapter 33 of Ptolus Core

2 : Smuggler’s Daughter : Chapter 33 of Ptolus Core

2-3 : End of the Trail/The Missing Wafers : Chapter 33 of Ptolus Core

3-4 : Shilukar’s Lair : Chapter 33 of Ptolus Core

5-10 : Night of Dissolution

5-10 : The Banewarrens

10+ : New videos coming soon discussing these options!

Running the Night of Dissolution and The Banewarrens Simultaneously

The Night of Dissolution is designed to be inserted into a campaign right after the player characters play through the adventures
found in Chapter 33 of Ptolus. In addition The Banewarrens adventure is for 6th-level characters.

  1. To combine the two adventures and thread them together have them start with The Night of Dissolution (NoD) and move into The Banewarrens when they reach 6th level at the conclusion of NoD Chapter 2.
  2. Next they embark upon Chapters 1 to 4 of The Banewarrens
  3. Followed by Chapter 3 of The Night of Dissolution.
  4. Then Chapter 5 of The Banewarrens, with Chapters 4 and 5 of The Night of Dissolution
  5. Then Chapters 6 and 7 of The Banewarrens.
  6. Finally, use Chapter 6 of The Night of Dissolution, and then run the rest of The Banewarrens adventure.

Doing both adventures at the same time will lead to your PCs being higher level than the modules intended, so you’ll need to make some adjustments. I am working on a video and post with campaign advice for doing exactly that.