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Advice for running Villains, Antagonists & Bad Guys

Heroes without Villains are lead pretty boring lives… Crazy!

Articles Talking about Villains & Antagonists

  1. How Dungeons & Dragons Villains Should Be Created (For Proper Catharsis)
  2. How to Create Interesting Tabletop RPG Antagonists
  3. Dungeons and Dragons: How To Design a Compelling Villain
  4. Tips For Roleplaying A Competent Evil Mastermind In An RPG
  5. D&D: Five Villains That Aren’t Evil
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Great Villians & Antagonists for your Ptolus Campaigns

  1. Helmut Itlestein (Not Evil Antagonist from Ptolus Chapter 33 Adventures)
  2. Shilukar (Evil Drow Villain from Ptolus Chapter 33 Adventures)
  3. House Vladaam (Evil Noble House, mentioned in Banewarrens Adventure)
  4. Pactlords of the Quaan (Evil Organization, mentioned in Banewarrens Adventure)
  5. Chaos Cults (Several Evil Organizations, mentioned in Night of Dissolution Adventure)
  6. Vai Assasins (Evil Organization)
  7. Balacazar Crime League (Evil Organization)
  8. Killraven Crime League (Evil Organization)
  9. Full List of Ptolus Friends & Foes NPC Names

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