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Where to put Ptolus in Forgotten Realms’ Faerûn or Eberron?

For our Ptolus Campaign: we thought the city of Procampur on the Sea of Fallen Stars  in the Forgotten Realms would be a great place to have Ptolus appear.

For your Ptolus game you will need to decide:

  1. Which campaign setting will you put Ptolus in? Forgotten Realms? Eberron? Somewhere else?
  2. Will you replace a city, or have Ptolus appear in an empty location?
  3. Will you have Ptolus always have existed in the other campaign setting, or be transported there?

User bolivarsn on our Ptolus Discord shared, “I actually ran Icewind Dale on Praemel and made the changes on Calendar. I had the Empire stop at the pass into Icewind Dale and made it a kind of lawless area. Making Praemel the origin Plane. I was able to do things like, githyanki and githzerai are still the Gith race. They are the barbarians that are plaguing the empire. In the gith history they were the former slave race of the ilithids. So I made the Ilithids the servenats of Galchutt and the power behind the empire. Thus we have a reason to have the barbarians ravaging. I also tweeked the illithids to be like the race in Dr. Who that everyone forgot once they looked away. Only a select few no about them. (The Commisar, is one). For example I had one of the Golden chains anchored in the circle in Dougans hole. I also renamed the Zhentarium to a underground network run by house Vladaam and a few other tweeks.”

User D’karr on said, “In Eberron I’d suggest the northeastern coast of the Lhaazar Principalities, the northern coast of the Eldeen Reaches facing Eldeen Bay, or the Eastern Coast of the Demon Wastes, geographically those areas would have the type of weather appropriate to Ptolus and you would not be replacing any existing cities.”

Watch the video and let me know in the comments what you’re doing in your Ptolus Game!