Orcs found in Ptolus Campaign Toruk-Rul closing fist Ornu-Nom howling axe and Sorn-Ulth bleeding breath races created Ghul

The types of orc found in the Ptolus Campaign are (from left): Toruk-Rul (“closing fist”), Ornu-Nom (“howling axe”), and Sorn-Ulth (“bleeding breath” / black orcs).The Toruk-Rul and Sorn-Ulth races were created by Ghul in centuries past.

The Sorn-Ulth

The Sorn-Ulth have skin as black as pitch and beady white bulbous eyes. Their faces look more human than those of other orcs, but they are still bestial. Most walk hunched over. Use standard orc statistics with the following modifications: -2 Strength, +4 Intelligence, +2 Wisdom, +4 Charisma. Sorn-Ulth have a +2 racial bonus to Spellcraft and Knowledge (arcana) checks. Their favored class is sorcerer, and there are many fighter/sorcerer multiclassed Sorn-Ulth.

The Toruk-Rul

Toruk-Rul have dark green skin and large, usually hairy heads. Toruk-Rul stand almost six inches taller on average than the standard orc. They are particularly muscular and have an additional +2 Strength modification over normal orcs. They also enjoy a +1 natural armor bonus. Their favored class is fighter. They receive a +1 adjustment to Challenge Rating and Level Adjustment.

Some Orcish Words

The three orc subraces have vaguely different dialects of the same root language. Since Orcish comes  from Westron (page 45) and Abyssal (page 44), the dialects vary based on whether they are more of one than the other.

Bruhur = Enemy
Nar = No
Nom = Axe
Orn = Howl
Rask = Kill
Rul = Fist
Sorn = Breath
Toruk = Closed
Ulth = Blood

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