Faceless Rage

Faceless Rage is a magical disease of evil and chaos that affects only humanoids. It transforms its victims by erasing their face and turning them into murderous savages.

Fortitude save (DC 18), infection by contact, incubation time one day, damage 1d6 Intelligence and 1d6 Wisdom, plus transformation. Only magical treatment can save a victim, namely a remove disease spell followed by a regeneration, greater restoration, wish, or miracle.

Rotting Fester

Rotting Fester is a magical disease once contained solely within the Banewarrens. It causes its victims to deteriorate physically over time.

Fortitude save (DC 16), infection by contact, incubation time 1d3 days, damage 1d3 Constitution. Magic cannot restore Constitution damage, and a remove disease or similar spell only suspends the progress of the disease for 1d3 days.

Scarlet Death

Scarlet Death is another magical disease spawned by chaos. Its victims turn red and die very quickly. Some say the appearance of these diseases is actually a re-appearance that points to a festering cyst of chaos and darkness beneath the city that is seeping slowly to the surface.

Fortitude save (DC 15), infection by contact, incubation time one hour, damage 2d6 Constitution and 1d6 Strength.