Upon entering the Alchemist Guild’s shop, you are greeted by a complex tapestry of aromas—everything from the earthy scent of dried herbs to the sharp tang of bubbling potions and the sweetness of exotic spices. The shelves are crowded with vibrant vials and jars, and the soft glow of enchanted crystals bathes the room in a mystical light. A robed alchemist stands behind the counter, meticulously measuring ingredients, the gentle clink of glass echoing with each movement.

A sturdy door at the back of the shop opens into a lively laboratory. Here, the air is filled with the sounds of clinking glassware, crackling flames, and hissing steam, as alchemists busily mix and prepare various concoctions amidst rows of reagents. Ever wondered why these labs are built with thick walls, lightweight roofs, and no windows? It’s a design choice born of caution, and one you might prefer to remain curious about from a safe distance.

Alchemist Guild Store 31x30 Alchemical Shop Ptolus City Urban Homebrew Map

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Image Credit: Forgotten Adventures