Monster Parts Buyer & Seller


Monster Parts Buyer & Seller

Anesidora the Tiefling of Anesidoras Elements : Monster Body Parts & Components Harvesting Buyer and Seller Tiefling Alchemist Jon Pintar jonpintar


Anesidora is the pioneer monster part hunter, having written a manual on the subject, and selling the harvesting kits and other supplies needed for harvesting like enchanted vials for volatile substances. Some people call her Pandora’s Parts as many of the monster components can be dangerous, both to harvest and use.

Anesidora has two locations, one in the Undercity beneath Delver’s Square where simple and inexpensive components can be purchased. She has another location in the city which is a permenant shop. To sell items Delver’s have to go here, plus all the expensive and rare finds are here as it’s more secure.

Homebrew Location: You can set Anesidora’s Elements wherever you want in Ptolus, but the Longbottom Neighborhood would be a good place.

Business Name Origins: Anesidora (Ancient Greek), “she who sends up gifts.” Up, implying “from below” within the earth.

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D&D Rule Books for Monster Parts Harvesting Mechanics

I haven’t personally used any of these resources, but they come highly recommended. I have read through Arcadia #8’s rules for Monstrous Components and enjoy the simple rules.

  1. Hamund’s Harvesting Handbook: A Complete Guide to Harvesting and Crafting in D&D 5e
  2. Monstercraft: Monster Harvesting for 5e
  3. Tome of Alchemy (PF)
  4. Arcadia Magazine Issue #8 with Monstrous Components by V.J. Harris
  5. Harvesting & Loot (Free website)
  6. Harvesting Monster Parts (Free Rules for Pathfinder)

Special Thanks to Ptolus Discord user @alasdesammael for helping put this together.