Story from Tom Cartos:

The Beard & Barrels Brewhouse, helmed by four spirited Dwarf sisters – Helga, Bolga, Frieda, and Carmine – stands as a bastion of fine ale and hearty spirits. Renowned not only for their exceptional brews but also for their luscious beards, these sisters have a secret grooming technique (hint: it involves washing with beer!) that adds to their charm. Whether you crave a frothy Ale, a sweet Mead, or a potent liquor, all are invited to partake in the convivial atmosphere. But beware, attempting to match the sisters drink for drink may prove a daunting task, particularly for Carmine, the youngest but fiercest sister among them.

For those seeking to earn coin rather than spend it, the sisters have a proposition: help rid their basement of a troublesome rat infestation. (Perfect Ptolus Tie In!) While they’re more than capable of dispatching the occasional rodent, these particular vermin exhibit an uncanny level of organization. Will the party lend their aid before or after indulging in the brewhouse’s offerings? And as they delve into the depths of the basement, will they uncover the machinations of a disgruntled Druid who summons Fey rats to disrupt the sisters’ business? What transgressions led to the sisters drawing the Druid’s ire in the first place?

Tom Cartos Patrons also gain access to the basement level of this map-set, as well as the night variants.

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Ground Floor

Beard and Barrel Brewhouse 02 Ground Floor Ptolus City Urban Dwarven Brewery Homebrew Tom Cartos

Download Beard and Barrel Brewhouse 02 Ground Floor High Resolution

Mezzanine Floor

Beard and Barrel Brewhouse 03 Mezzanine Floor Ptolus City Urban Dwarven Brewery Homebrew Tom Cartos


Image Credit: Tom Cartos