Once a year the twin moons of Rogue and Luna hide their face at the same time marking the night of the Dark Moon Festival. A festival celebrated by a select few and known by even fewer. 


 It seems to have originated within the City of Ptolus but has slowly spread to other cities within the Empire. It is believed the Festival of the Dark Moons was established shortly after the founding of the second city of Ptolus and before the entitlement of the nobles.  

From Dusk till Dawn

 The Dark-Moon Festival is held on the 30th day of the month of Wind, starting at dusk while ending at dawn. Known by various names, including the Dark Festival, Rogue Moon Festival, or even Rogue’s festival. The Dark-Moon Festival originated within orphanages, giving an opportunity to bring a night of celebration for orphans. This gives them an opportunity to hold a group birthday celebration. Later in adulthood, orphans treat the Darkmoon and their birthday with a varied approach. Some bury it by choosing another date for their birth, thus hiding their orphan background. While others lean into this, making it a part of their identity. In kind, the response ranges from some, including nobles looking down on those that celebrate the Darkmoon as their birthday, while most common-folk widely accepted it.  

Darker Side of the Moon

 Some street gangs and thieves’ guilds use the Dark-Moon Festival as a yearly ascension or test. While recruiting to fill their ranks during the festival or planning important jobs or heists for members. The City Watch quietly treats this holiday with increased attention, trying to curtail the momentary increase in crime but avoiding any backlash of public opinion.  

Rogues Moon

 Those that take stock in the Dark-Moon Festival hold that while both moons are new, the Rogue is the dominant moon aligned and hiding Luna. To the studied, this has no basis in fact, but is of little importance as the two social circles rarely collide. 


 While the Dark-Moon Festival is primarily a human city holiday, it is an event often embraced by half-elves and halflings. Most of the other non-human races ignore it or treat it with a misunderstood curiosity.  


 Some rumors speak of this Festival being started by a god or goddess of fate, while other say it’s the handiwork of dark powers.


Inspired by this modern news quote… Unfortunately, many orphans and homeless children around the world do not experience this kind of special birthday celebration. Blowing out candles on a birthday cake and joining party games may even be unfamiliar to many of them.


This article Dark-Moon Festival was written by Graylion for the Shadow War.