Night of Dissolution

I started running Night of Dissolution. Instead of intercepting the Ogres, the player’s staked out Kellisan’s shop in South Market and witnessed him paying them in gold instead of child slaves. So we went back to the half-elf npc (forget her name) who informed us and told her. I had to improvise from there but we got her to confess about being spurned by Kellisan, went back to his shop, followed him home, and acquired the chest that he had the ogres drop in his basement. Of course I had none of this prepared and it was all theater of the mind (I have a lot of Dwarven Forge that I like to use for some dungeons and boss fights). Anyways, the chest is now in a vault at Myraeth’s Oddities and we discovered we have to get the all-key from Pythoness House to open it. So that’s where we start next session. It was a good game and these player’s keep me on my toes, doing things I don’t plan for, so I should improve at improvisation over the course of the campaign. I think we have another player joining, so that will be awesome.

Why did Myraeth agree to store the item for them instead of them getting a vault at Hammersong Vaults or something like that?

A couple of reasons. With chaos cults involved, we decided that either Kellisan was innocent (=ignorant of the chests contents), and would be in danger if he had the chest, or he is a cult member himself. Either option means he shouldn’t have the chest, so we “acquired” it. Torm, my NPC cleric, is forge domain, a member of the Delver’s Guild (he left a notice on the board for the first adventure, the PCs saw it, met him at the Ghostly Minstrel, and upon successfully completing the job he sponsored their membership), and has known Myraeth for years. Being forge domain, I plan on taking some levels in artificer later, and eventually maybe working with or joining the Dreaming Apothecary/Inverted Pyramid. Torm and Myraeth have overlapping interests, the basis of their friendship. Myraeth agrees that the chest may attract danger and he has magical wards and protections in his shop, as you know.

Are all your PCs starting at 1st level?

They did start at 1st level, but are currently 3rd level. We’ve been playing around a month and a half to two months and have 4 hour games once a week. I have two new players joining this weekend, a couple who I got in touch with through a D&D Facebook group. I’m letting them start at 3rd level, since it is still close to the start and I don’t want a big power discrepancy in the group. I won’t be adding any more player’s, as this is exactly the number I wanted.