Dularius Mal is a 117 years old male drow sorcerer.

Homebrew Content:

Dularius Mul Sorcerous Investigations Red Stallion Pub North Market Delver's Guild Office Undercity Notice Posted Paper Flyer Ptolus the City By The SpireThe Ptolus: City by the Spire official book mentions Dularius Mal only in a wanted poster that might be found around town or in the Undercity Market, like in the Delver’s Guild Headquarters. For my game I fleshed him out with the below homebrew information.

Homebrew Introduction

Smiling up at you was a silky, black skinned elf. His long, white hair was tightly braided down his back and emerald green eyes crinkled with his big smile as he greeted them. The drow had a lean build, framed by a tailored robe of a deep green, matching his eyes where were set in his square, very fanciable face. He cocked his head sideways, revealing a small earring in his left ear,  a green gem.

Homebrew Description

  • He has very long, braided, white hair and green eyes.
  • He has silky black skin.
  • He stands 167cm (5’6″) tall and has a lean build.
  • He has a square, very fanciable face.
  • He has a small piercing on his left ear.

Homebrew Personality Traits

  • He is always ready to help others.
  • He doesn’t care about risks or odds.
  • He has an imaginary friend.
  • He openly worships Silvanus, God of wild nature, druids. (True Neutral)
  • He believes that he is related to Silvanus.

Homebrew Relationships

  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Relationship Status: Married