Homebrew Dwarven Mine Map for Dwarvenhearth

This map was created by Morvold Press of the Dwarven Mining Kingdom of Mhalduun and could be used beneath Ptolus as part of Dwarvenhearth.

The entrance to the Mhalduun Kingdom is through a mighty gate carved from the stone in which it resides on the eastern side of the map, eventually reaching the gates. The Kingdom is located near a large underground lake that feeds and underground river traveling down through the mountain, before emptying out into a small trade outpost on the surface.

For Ptolus, the entire lake could be subterranean, or you could say it dumps out into a cave off the Bay of Ptolus or even further down the coastline.

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Download High Resolutoin Dwarven Mine Map

Image Credit: Dwarven Kingdom of Mhalduun by Morvold Press. Support them on Patreon.