Joslynn Evermar NPC Portrait Realtor Locatnoi Real Estate Office Estate of Affairs Applecart Street South Market Ptolus City Spire

Joslynn Evermar, Ptolus Realtor

Joslynn Evermar: Joslynn is a 83yr old stonelost dwarf. She runs a real estate office, name Estate of Affairs, on Applecart street in South Market. She has a knack for pairing clients with the perfect home, and usually has access to homes within the “nice neighborhoods” within midtown, south market, and north market.

She has the general disposition of a kindly grandmother type, but can be as gruff as even the most coarse dwarven soldier when it comes to late rent or damage to one of her properties. Joslynn has a special arrangement with Hammersong Vaults, her renters bring their payments there, where they are deposited straight into her account, and the renters are given a receipt as proof of payment.

Creator Credit: @alasdesammael

Image Credit: pxelslayer