Precious Remnants is a homebrew fence I created for our Ugly Inc. campaign, but I’m sure you need one too. Well, here’s a great map for a fence with what looks like only two rooms, but with hidden doors and extra space for hiding those ill gotten gains.

Ammel’s General Store is another Fence in Ptolus this map could work with.

From Tom Cartos: The Hidden Star Fence: There are certain items that can only be bought or sold if you know exactly where to look and who to ask. Every city [including Ptolus] has that one place [way more than just one] where illicit, back-alley deals can be made, and in Ptolus, one such place is the Hidden Star (or Precious Remnants). At first glance it’s a small run down shop selling worthless odds and ends, but if you know the right phrase its proprietor, Iffan Terasik (or Cottolm Gerop), will lead you through a hidden back door. Prices are steep, but perhaps there is an item you can ‘procure’ in return instead.

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Download High Res Fence’s Office Homebrew Map

Image & Story Credit: Tom Cartos