Homebrew Map of an Abbey or Church Cathedral

Harvesthome Abbey Halloween Concept Image from Morvold Press Ptolus City Spire Battle Map Church Chappel

This is a great map which you could use in Ptolus for any Church, Chappel or Abbey.

From Morvold Press: “For anyone desiring a fun location for a Halloween one-shot, I propose a Haunting Evening at Harvesthome Abbey.

After having their High Prayer ritual disturbed by a mysterious stranger, an unnatural rage incited the villagers [Ptolus Residents] to take his life and, in turn, trade their intended blessing into something dark.

As the villagers [Ptolus Residents] gather in the Abbey to pray, a thick fog surrounds them and darkness shrouds the horizon. It cannot be seen, but everyone exchanges worried glances as winds grasp at the shutters and whistle through the doorways.”

Interior of the Harvesthome Abbey

Download a High Resolution version of the Harvesthome Abbey

Credit to Morvold Press: Haunting at Harvesthome Abbey