DM Notes

  • This module is a free resource for the community, written by Lunarix and Malgura.
  • This adventure is a module designed for four level 1 characters; encounters will have to be adjusted based on the number of players.
  • One long rest is expected in this module.
  • Created for 5E; needs to be altered to fit 3.5, Cypher or any other system.
  • Contains treasure from 1 roll on the Level 0-4 Treasure Horde table in DMG.
  • These are notes designed for a GM who can improvise details on the fly, to add additional detail or adapt based on player interactions.
  • Character creation note: when a player makes a character, they must decide whether they are citizens or a non-citizen. PCs living in cities controlled by the empire may start with their choice of identification papers or citizenship papers. Players with Spy or criminals may have counterfit paperwork. Others may not have any paperwork based on background and backstory. Discuss with your players before starting.
  • (Spoilers!): IF running Adventure 1 from the Ptolus book, this adventure assumes Linele is still alive, and Linech is out of the city on Sallachor Isle and has not been attacked by Lord Zavere. Linech and Linele will head to Sallachor isle at the end of the module and have the island attack to begin at the very start of adventure 1.


  • Guard (modified) (CR 1/8)
  • Captured Obaan (CR 2)
  • Thug (CR 1/2)
  • Scout (CR 1/2)
  • Wolf (CR 1/4) See Random Encounters
  • Ratling (CR 1/4) See Random Encounters

Notable NPCs

Tashari Lin – Female Human – Main Stockholder in Rogue Moon Trading Company (book)
Ebbert Boltcrafter – Male Dwarf – Owner of Ebbert’s Outfitters in Delver’s Square (book)
Levi Ruzzo – Human Male –Caravan Traveler, Merchant/Smuggler (homebrew)
Ralathun – Male Litorian – Warrior of the Clan of Chalen (homebrew)
Neria Roh – Female Human – Arcanist Mage – Inverted Pyramid aspirant (homebrew)
M’run – Male Half-Orc – Freelance Wagon Driver, Driver of cart for Ebbert’s Goods (homebrew)
Raffyr Osparin – Half-Elf Male – Acolyte for the Church of Lothian (homebrew)
Sister Vianna – Female Human – Church of Lothian Sister, Order of Dayra (homebrew)
Sanver Thornbrake – Male Halfling – Linech Crime Punk (homebrew)
Chalen – Male Litorian – Tribe leader (homebrew)
Toridan Cran – Male Half-Orc – Small Gang Leader, Brother of Linech (book)
Linech Cran – Male Half-Orc – Small Gang Leader, Brother of Toridan (book)
Laucio Dellinti – Male Shoal Elf – Member of Toridan’s Gang (book)
Jevicca Nor – Female Human – Master Mage of the Inverted Pyramaid (Book)

Adventure Secrets

GM Note: Players aren’t required to find all of the secrets listed below. Some are lost due to player decisions and failed rolls. These are just some potential quests the players may want to explore.

  1. Ralathun is concerned about the Tribal Litorians of the Mane, and although they are wary of outsiders, he knows that they could use some help getting some essential supplies (bedrolls, tents, firewood, etc.)
  2. Neria knows about the Inverted Pyramid and the Dreaming Apothecary.
  3. Levi says he is a wandering merchant, when in fact, he is a smuggler.
  4. Obaan, the Galchutt and the Night of Dissolution are real.
  5. One of Ralathun’s goals is challenging Chalen for Tribe Leader.
  6. The smuggled goods are vials of Poison of Immobilization.
  7. The Balacazar crime family is the purchaser of the smuggled poison.
  8. The Church of Lothian released the Edict of Deviltry centuries ago, proclaiming all arcane spellcasting to be an evil act.


Outside the City, Tent City, South Market, Midtown


Inciting Action

The players have all found their way on a Rogue Moon Trading Company sponsored caravan heading from Tarsis, the capital of the empire, into Ptolus, with a caravan journey of over 800 miles, with five carts, over 20 people, and just as many horses. This caravan went the less direct route because of other stops in the empire. The campaign begins on the last leg of the journey, just outside of the southern farms of Ptolus. The players have had days, if not weeks, traveling together, and the Rogue Moon Trading Company has hired them all to protect the caravan and deliver their assigned cart to Ebbert Boltcrafter.

It’s a cloudless, cool night on the 10th of Bloom, 721 IA. The caravan has set up camp for the evening. All the players are currently sitting and chatting around a campfire before bed with several people of the caravan: Levi, Neria, Ralathun, and M’run. Other various people are wandering around collecting firewood, feeding horses, etc. Use this as the player’s opportunity to introduce their characters and their backgrounds in-game to each other.

Should the players ask what is on the carts:

  1. M’run and the player’s cart is hauling all sorts of goods: unlit torches, 10ft poles, rope, climbing gear, anything that would be sold at Ebbert’s Outfitters.
  2. A covered wagon that is guarded by the Church of Lothian guards and the guards aren’t letting anyone near the wagon. Raffyr is a passenger.
  3. Owned by Levi, and has a bunch of building materials. Lumber, nails, etc.
  4. 4th is a preserved food cart, holding all things pickled, cured, smoked, or dried. Ralathun is part of the guard detail.
  5. This wagon is carrying a range of furs, hides and linens. Neria is a passenger of the wagon.

Special interactions:

  • If one of the players is a fighter, barbarian, paladin, or a Litorian, Ralathun will ask them, “Reputation is what others say about you. Honor is what you know about yourself. So, fellow Warrior, what does your honor know about you?” If Ralathun finds they hold honor to high regard, he will ask for the party’s assistance and when they get into the city to find him in at the Church of Lothian’s tent in Tent City. He is looking to help his displaced clan from the barbarians to the east, where Chalen, the clan leader, fled alongside the non-combatants. The younger warriors of the clan feel Chalen is no longer fit to lead. However, before Ralathun can make a challenge, he must first help his clansmen by providing essential provisions: Food, Clean Water, Blankets, Furs.
    • See Adventure Secret 1.
    • If there are no fighters, barbarians, paladins, or Litorians: the players can interact. Still, he will be standoffish—persuasion DC10 for Ralathun to lower his defenses and proceed with the above interaction. Otherwise, he will dismiss himself from the conversation.
  • If one of the party members is a Wizard, Sorcerer, or Warlock, Neria will ask the player why their travels bring them to Ptolus. Should they want to learn more magical secrets, mage guild, etc., She will let them know she aspires to join the Inverted Pyramid. Should the player be interested or want to join too, Neria will ask the party to meet her tomorrow Night at Danbury’s in Delver’s Square. See Adventure Secret 2.
    • If the party does not have one of those classes available, Neria will be vague in her response and say she is meeting a friend at Danbury’s. If the players were ever to drop in, they should come and say hello.
    • Otherwise, Neria will remain friendly but quiet, not adding much to the conversation.

During their discussion, the caravan alarm bell will sound, and a large group of raiders is attacking the caravan, with most of the people in the caravan heading to the north to meet a large force. M’run shouts to the players to get to the south side of the caravan and prepare for a flank.

Encounter: 4 Guards (Reskinned as raiders, all with short bows and flaming arrows) (Medium, 200 AXP, 100 XP)

Use map:

This fight is intended to be a fight between the players and the 4 guards, the other NPCs are off the map, or dealing with a raider force of their own. This is only meant to prevent the players from using the NPCs to help them.

During the first round, flaming arrows will be shot at the ground, except for one arrow, which will hit one of the caravan wagons, See section Chaositech Introduction. On Neria’s Actions, she will, grab a sack from her carts, use her figurine of wonderous power, mount the riding horse, and race toward Ptolus on her own.


Total Treasure:

  • 120sp, 100cp
  • Four chain shirts, four shields, four spears, Four short bows, 40 Arrows, 8 Flaming arrows or less depending on combat use

After combat, Levi will slow clap at the adventurers with their combat success. He then asks the party if they would be interested in a side delivery job, and he is looking for capable individuals who would be willing to do some less glorified work and handle some discretion.

Insight or Persuasion (DC12) check, or proficiency in Thieves Cant, and it will reveal that he is more than a traveling merchant based on his speech patterns, See Adventure Secret 3

Should the players accept, he will say that “we can meet tomorrow in Tent City. I’ll explain more there.” Otherwise, he will apologize and say he was mistaken and take his leave.

Chaositech Introduction

GM notes:

  • To ease the encounter difficulty, use the Caravan NPCs to assist in this battle; if your party requires the encounter to be more difficult, add this into the raid as another combatant.
  • If not running Night of Dissolution, skip this section as this is a foreshadowing event.

During the aftermath of the raider attack, a squirming mass of tentacles with wings burst out from one of the carts and begins attacking the horses of the player’s cart. During the encounter, they will hear someone yell, “Take it alive if you can!”

Encounter: 1 Captured Obaan (Deadly, 450AXP, 450XP)

After the encounter, the players can investigate the cart the creature flew out. They will find a small group of Guards wearing the Church of Lothian insignia, dead from the raider attack, lined up protecting the cart, and their bodies riddled with arrows.

Skill check challenge:

  • Perception check DC15 to see carved runes etched into the wooden walls of the cart.
  • Arcana check: DC12 reveals these are warding runes. DC15 they learn they’re warding runes specifically for creatures spawned of chaos. DC18 you recognize from a description in a book you once read it has could be a Galchutt.
    • Follow-up History check DC20 Knows these creatures herald The Night of Dissolution.

Afterward, an Acolyte approaches and apologizes for the attack. He introduces himself as Raffyr. If asked about the creature, he states that an adventuring party was exploring the dungeons below Ptolus. According to the Delvers, they found an area with all kinds of infernal machines; eventually, they had to battle against some foul creature (GM note: a Shaadom). From its blood, this creature emerged.

Raffyr was involved because the adventurer’s cleric was killed in the battle, but the party took the cleric’s body to his Church along with this creature they captured, hoping it would help in their comrade’s resurrection.

“Afterward, I was tasked with taking this creature to the grand cathedral in Tarsis where tomes of knowledge about the early days of the church in Ptolus’ are kept, and it has information about weird demons and other beasts found below Ptolus. I am now returning to take this creature back to the Conciliator Chapterhouse to be further studied. Interestingly enough, I also found out that… You know what, never mind, I’m just babbling.”

DC 12 persuasion check to loosen his lips, and Raffyr reveals that “In one of the tomes, it’s said that this creature is called an Obaan and is a Spawn of the Galchutt. Its appearance heralds something referred to as the night of dissolution. Unfortunately, I was unable to learn what that is. See Adventure Secret 4.

Special interaction:

Should the creature kill one of the horses, Raffyr will state, “I apologize about the horse. It will make the rest of the journey a bit more difficult for you. Let me repay you for your horse”. Afterward, M’run will ask the players if he is taking responsibility for the death of one of his draft horses. If the players pay him with the money given by Raffyr, he will put in a good word with the Rogue Moon Trading company, getting a choice of some more lucrative jobs. See Resolution.

Total Treasure:

  • 50gp for the draft horse repayment
  • 100sp if they can capture the Obaan alive.

“Should your travels ever involve something called Chaositech or other creatures like this, come find me at The Conciliators Chapterhouse in the Temple District” See Resolution.

Camp for the night, and the next major encounter is at tent city. Use either a random encounter between or fill in with player interactions.

When the players get about mid-day, read this flavor text:

In mid-day, as the clouds are starting to form in the sky, the caravan heads up a large hill. When cresting the peak, you see you see the City of Ptolus smashed between the Bay of Ptolus on the east, terracing in height upward, to reach an unnaturally tall stone spire piercing the heavy clouds in the sky. In between you and the city lies a lightly winding road that cuts through several farmland, heading toward the city.

 Three hours later of traveling through farmlands, Getting closer to the city and you can clearly see the gigantic walls of the city, with what’s looks to be hundreds upon hundreds of tents, all surrounding the city gate ahead of you.

Tent City

Late Afternoon 11th of Bloom

Encounter battle map:

The caravan arrives at Tent City late afternoon. The cart line to the city gate is crazy long. After the cart guards unload their travel supplies, the player’s caravan begins to break formation to line up to the Market Gate. M’Run pulls off the road to allow the horses to feed on some grass. See Map Marker A.

As the players are doing this, M’run suggests to the party that it’s best for the horses to wait for the line to thin out a bit before entering. Also, less time in line means less time for any punks to lift some loot off the cart. Meet back at the caravan in an hour, but be back in time to enter the gate and finish the delivery. (Player exploration opportunity). He does warn the players should they want to venture into Tent City to stay in groups, and some unsavory people live in the tents.

If the party wishes, they can take an hour to explore Tent City on their own, hang by the cart and bypass this section altogether if they wish. However, since we have already suggested not to split up here; If they split anyway, well… Welcome to Ptolus!

Option 1 – Ralathun

If the party was able to interact with Ralathun, he will be found speaking with a Church of Lothian sister named Vianna. They and a few other sisters of the Church are setting up a tent to help some Shivvel Addicts. See Map Marker B.

Ralathun thought that he would be honored if the players handed out blankets to these drugged-up individuals. While Ralathun doesn’t believe in any god, he knows that these Lothianites do the best they can for the destitute, abandoned and lost people; and that act of kindness is honorable. The Church is also willing to listen to his plea for help and provide supplies for the proud Litorians. Still, sometimes stubborn elders of the Litorian Tribes can only be persuaded to take assistance from another Litorian. Ralathun knows that in order for the tribe to bounce back and eventually retake their homeland, they need all the help they can get.

If the players ask about the tribe, DC10 Persuasion to have him discuss about his goals of challenging Chalen for Tribe leader. See Adventure Secret 5.

Vianna will mention that for their help, they will provide a stack of clean blankets that can be taken to the Mane, as Ralathun said.

The Church is currently handing out blankets to these people since these addicts can barely handle daily functions. And even just a bit of comfort can maybe help one more person hear the word of the Church. Or even just help these people return to normal.

The Shivvel Addicts have dark rings around bloodshot eyes. Dark stained fingers, bad breath, and severe shakes. Some even are muttering gibberish.

While they hand out blankets to the people, one of the addicts asks one of the players, “Do you know where I can get some more Shivvel?” He hands the player a small pouch with 30sp, then falls unconscious.

Total Treasure:

  • 30sp

Should the players put the money back, or give it to Vianna or Ralathun, but Vianna will look to ask the players for some help with the less fortunate citizens as a hook for later campaign use since they’re “good people” See Resolution.

Should the players keep the money, Vianna will deride the players, saying, “We already have enough trouble with crime and moral integrity in this city. I didn’t expect that you would be part of the problem. I think you have helped out enough for today. My sisters and I have it from here. Have a good evening.” and dismisses the players. Ralathun will question the players’ honor and say if you can find the error of your ways, he would be willing to go hunting with them. Otherwise, he thanks them for their help with assisting the Tribes. See Resolution.

Option 2 – Levi

GM note: This encounter sequence will impact future interactions with both Linech and Toridan Cran if using the Adventure Modules in the Ptolus book. To quickly overview, Linech and Toridan are brothers that are feuding. Toridan split off, and is looking to make his mark by taking a delivery job for the Balacazar’s and has sent Laucio to pick up the contents. Linech has heard about this delivery, and is extremely upset that Toridan went to his ex-wife’s Tashari. In Linech’s anger, he has sent Sanver to intercept the package.

However, Should the players agree to take Levi’s job opportunity the night before, he will find the players and provide more detail. Levi is meeting his contact here in Tent City (Laucio Dellinti) and could use their support to protect him and the goods, just in case the business transaction goes south. Levi will pull out two sealed wooden crates from one of the other carts in the caravan. Each one weighs 8 lbs each. When they go to pick them up, the players will notice that when the crates move, it sounds that they have glass inside stuffed to protect the fragile contents.

Both the Players and Levi walk about halfway to the destination, and he says that he will go alone without the goods to meet his contact to seal the deal and come back to them to hand off once the sale is complete.

Should the party want to look inside the box, Sleight of hand (DC10) to remove the nailed lid and reseal without any damage to the crate. Inside they see 12 flasks with a cloudy white liquid.

Medicine Check (DC14), criminal or spy background to know these are Poisons of Immobilization. Adventure Secret 5.

While they are waiting for Levi to return, they are approached by Sanver and another Human goon. They approach you, and Sanver first asks if the players have their proper paperwork to get through the Market Gate. If they want more details he says he that he maybe able to help. He has one Forged citizenship papers that he will sell for 100gp, or 90gp if the players throw in the crates. If the players refuse the crate offer, he is willing to purchase the crates for 15gp. If the Players refuse again, the nameless goon says “This isn’t working Sanver, so let us rephrase, we will be taking possession of those crates one way or another. So, either hand them over with the price we offered or die a useless death.”

Potential Combat Encounter: 2 Thugs (1 Halfling, 1 Human) (Hard, 300 AXP, 200 XP)

Total Treasure:

  • 2 Leather armor, 2 Maces, 2 Heavy Crossbows, 40 crossbow bolts (minus what was fired in combat)
  • 12sp
  • Handout: Crumpled note from Linech. “I just found out that my brother, MY BROTHER, got Tashari involved. Why would he become business partners with my ex-wife? Completely heartless and unforgivable! He has crossed a line, and I will act in kind. Intercept the package in Tent City, where he will try to smuggle it in. Let’s see who gets the jobs now.” See Adventure Secret 6

After the potential combat scenario, you see Levi with Laucio Dellinti with a crew of 6 people walking up to hand off possession of the crates.

See Resolution.

Total Treasure:

  • Potion of Heroism
  • 4 Obsidian gems (10gp Each)
  • 40gp, 100sp

South Market

Sunset, 11th of Bloom

Market Gate

When the players head to the gate with M’run, he says that he is a driver for the Rogue Moon Trading Company, and here is out paperwork with the necessary paperwork showing taxes have been collected for this vehicle. The guard looks things over and says all that’s left is the individual toll.

They have an honest guard. The guard asks for the following:

  • Show identification papers to the guard
  • The guard records each person’s name, the reason for entering, and point of origin.
  • 2cp toll for entering for citizens, 1sp for non-citizens for paying taxes,
  • Fine of 10gp for failing to produce identification papers and must go to the Administration Building in Oldtown tomorrow. The Guard will ask the captain to post a couple of extras where the players are staying for the evening and have the guards in the morning, ready to escort the player.

Inside the city, they are greeted with various vendors selling their wares under tents, with barkers on soapboxes attempting to sell their wares to people entering or exiting the city. Some vendors are starting to wrap things up for the day, tearing down their tents and loading their wares into their carts. Perception Check DC10 will allow the players to hear a 10-year old kid on a crate next to a small barrel with one rolled-up waxed sealed scroll, saying, “New to the city, Maps for Sale!”

Should one of the players interact, the kid will say, “I got one more high-quality map for sale at 20 gold, and I need to sell out today. Otherwise, I’ll be fired. Can you please help me?”

Insight Check (DC17) will reveal the kid is lying and is just trying to swindle one more visiting adventurer by overcharging someone. Unfortunately, the map is poorly drawn and is not usable.

Should the players:

  • Buy the map, and the kid will thank the players and immediately sprint towards Star Crossing Plaza.
  • Should the players catch the kid in a lie, they just give a quick insult while running away towards star crossing plaza, and if necessary, try to lose them in the evening crowd.

Provide handout to Shilukar wanted poster if running the Murder’s Trail questline as there are multiple posters nailed to the wall, nearby the gate.

Star Crossing Plaza

In the southwestern corner of Star Crossing Plaza, sits a three-story building with a sign on the front that says, “ROGUE MOON TRADING COMPANY OFFICES”.

M’run pulls up near the front entrance. He will state to the players that he has to keep his eye on the cart, hands them an envelope and collect our payment. “Tell them we arrived in town and are going to unload the cart as agreed but we are picking up payment before the office closes. Don’t let the quill pushers push you around.” Inside the envelope is a list of cargo inventory, dates of stops, or other events that occurred on the journey.

When the players walk-in it looks to be a hiring hall, with a front desk with one receptionist tidying up the desk. Past her is rows of benches, with only a couple of people sitting waiting. Past that is a pony wall separating another section with several desks, one chair on each side. And a staircase going up on the far wall. The receptionist at the front asks, “how can I help you today?”. the players should present the envelope. The receptionist will look it over and ask if the goods have been delivered?

  • If they say they need to finish delivering, and follow M’run’s instructions, a DC 5 Persuasion check will allow the players to be paid. Otherwise, see below
  • If the party lies, she will ask for signature of receipt. And will refuse to pay them until after delivery and signature.

The Receptionist will take out some sheets of paper from the envelope, stamp them, and put them on the desk, folds up the other sheets and puts them back into the envelope. She says she will be right back to get your payment, and to please have a seat, and gestures at the benches. She talks to a Male Shoal Elf and he walks towards the reception desk, while she walks upstairs.

After a few minutes, the receptionist comes down with Tashari Lin. And the original receptionist now walks up to one of the people sitting down and escorts them to one of the empty desks and both sit down.

Tashari says, “I am so glad you guys have finally arrived; we have been expecting you.” Should the players pass the Receptionist challenge, she will provide small coin sacks for each player, and one extra for M’run (not included in treasure).

Should the players ask about Linech or Toridan, she doesn’t deny that Linech was her ex, and doesn’t disguise her contempt for him. she doesn’t deny anything and just states matter of factually that the rogue moon trading company organizes safe travel across Praemal for merchants who want to travel with their caravans, but it’s their responsibility to make sure whatever they’re bringing into the city is legal. The company can’t responsible for every bag or crate someone brings with them. And all she did was arrange an introduction between two people. There’s nothing illegal about introducing people.

DC17 Insight check will admit her contempt for Linech but is trying to suppress her emotions. On a success, she reveals she does want to hurt her ex-husband. Toridan also engaged the conversation about needing someone discreet to smuggle some raw materials for Shivvel. she doesn’t care about the Shivvel Business, since the Rogue Moon Trading company handles legitimate business only.

Should they want to talk further, they can always make an appointment, which is currently several weeks out.

Total Treasure: 60gp from completing the caravan mission

Delver’s Square

Comprising the square itself and the area surrounding it in about a five- or six-block radius, the players can tell It serves as a centralfocus for adventurers who come to the city. The players see St Gustav’s Chapel across the street, with the Guardhouse on the corner entrance of the square. The square has a statue in the center, with a large staircase going below ground with several adventure types coming up covered in slime. Many businesses line the square, such as the Bull and Bear Armory, Danbury’s, Ebbert’s Outfitters, the Ghostly Minstrel, Myraeth’s Oddities, Potter’s Hostel, and Rastor’s Weapons.

When the players arrive, shops are closing up for the day, but the square is still busy with all sorts of adventuring types mingling and socializing, particularly towards The Ghostly Minstrel. The players see a dwarf standing out front looking at his pocketwatch when the cart pulls up.

Ebbert mentions he is glad to have hard that his supplies arrived, his stock was getting a little short. He helps unload the cart and tells everyone where to put each crate of random supplies that is listed in his handout.

After unloading he will thank M’run and the players, and asks the players if they are looking to Join the Delver’s guild. If they do he can provide a coupon to give to the folks in the Delver’s Guild office to provide Associates Level Delver’s Guild Membership. Ebbert suggests the players to head to the Delver’s guild office in the morning to get the membership package.

If the players do not want the membership, he will instead give the players 7gp for personal payment.

Total Treasure:

  • Delver’s Guild Membership – Associate Level for each player OR 7 gp each


When the players first walk into Danbury’s they notice all of the different wines, ales, and spirits lining the bar wall. Random artwork for sale lines the remaining walls of the establishment.

A Male dwarf is running the bar (Oron Bridgemaster). There are two spellcasters sitting at the bar, staring at each other, then quickly trying to cast prestidigitation to make the largest bubble from their wine and having it pop back into their glass.

There is a balding Male human sitting by himself writing in a journal (dreaming apothecary agent)

At one of the tables the players will see Neria speaking with a young tall attractive female human with long red hair. Her left arm is made entirely out of Red Glass. Neria Sees the players and introduces them to Jevicca Nor, Master rank of the Inverted Pyramid. Neria is surprised to see the party still alive, and regales the story about what happened. Both Jevicca and Neria are both intruiged so ask about what happened after the attack. After hearing the player’s story, Jevicca mentions to Neria that maybe this capable group can follow-up on the information that neria is providing her. Neria nods and opens up the bag she grabbed from the attack, and it’s a series of letters pointing at someone named High Priest Dessenar Prowell, and it proves he is a conciliator who wants to reinstate the edict of deviltry. The High Priest is investigating a group of “evil Wizards” and declares that they should be vanquished.

DC12 history or religion check to know that the The Church of Lothian released the Edict of Deviltry centuries ago, proclaiming all arcane spellcasting to be an evil act. See Adventure Secret 8.

Jevicca will tell the players that In days past, the Inverted Pyramid was a great foe of the Church of Lothian. When the Edict of Deviltry was issued centuries ago proclaiming all arcane spellcasting to be an evil act, a number of mages gathered to form a secret society dedicated to preserving themselves and their lore. However, the more enlightened modern Church rescinded the Edict. But there are still a few out there who disagree with the rescindment. Jevicca fears that at any time the church could fall into the grip of its more bloodthirsty clergymen and oppose arcane magic again, and if the edict is reinstated, it would lead to bloodshed once more.

Jevicca asks the party to investigate, and either change the High Priest’s position or stop his public speaking on reinstating the Edict. Jevicca and will reward the players with a +1 Wand of the War Mage On job completion. Neria says she is going to ask around at St. Gustav’s Chapel for any other information on the High Priest.

Potential NPC Resolutions

This section summarizes some potential future interactions with the appropriate NPC, based on player choices. Gives some possible future hooks to use when building your campaign.


  • Should the group repay M’run from Raffyr’s horse accident, M’run Will recommend to the Drivers of Rogue Moon Trading Company that the players as guards did a great job, and will get more respect from them, If they decide to go back there would be some favorable jobs at the Rogue Moon Trading Company,


  • Raffyr can act as a future entry point into Night of Dissolution or any chaositech related adventurers.


  • Should the Players assist Ralathun, it will provide him the clan member’s support in order to challenge Chalen as a potential future encounter hook.
  • Should a player take the money from the Shivvel addict in Tent City, he will suggest that the player go hunting with him. And it will be a 7-day survival test as a potential future “character-building” adventure hook.


  • If the players go to Danbury’s and the quest from her and Jevicca, she will head to St’ Gustav’s chapel to ask around about High Priest Dessenar Prowell, setting up the conflict between the Church of Lothian and the Inverted Pyramid.


  • If the Players:
    • Defeat Sanver in combat, and hand the crates over to Laucio:
      • Levi will state that the players have a knack for this type of work and will be setting up shop in the Cockpit.
      • Levi pays the players 40gp, 4 obsidian gems (10gp each), and a potion of heroism
      • Any mention of the handout will be treated with false ignorance.
      • Toridan’s gang will be a bit stronger with their successful mission. Adjust any future encounters.
    • Defeat Sanver in combat, but refuse to hand the crates over to Laucio
      • Levi will try to convince them (warn them) that this is just a business transaction, and what you signed up for is discretion. It wouldn’t be a smart thing to do to make enemies in the city on your first night.
      • Should they again refuse, Levi sighs and orders the crew to secure the crates, and remind them what happens when anyone goes back on their word. They will look to beat the players unconscious and take their crates back.
      • GM roll percentile. 40% chance that Contents of crates will break and Toridan will not be able to complete the contract given by the Balacazar’s
        • Toridan will blame Levi for not having a good handle on who he hires. In a couple of Days, Levi’s body will be found dumped in an alley as a future encounter hook.
      • If the players hand the crates over to Sanver:
        • Levi and Laucio will become hostile and hunt the party down. They will look to beat the players unconscious and leave their bodies with no gear, no equipment, and penniless.
        • Linech’s gang is a bit stronger for all future encounters with them
        • Toridan will lose his jobs with the Balacazar’s and will be handed to Linech instead.
        • Linech is heading for Sallichor Isle with his daughter Linele with news of his successful interception.


  • Tashari will be willing to talk to the players about her relationship with Linech or Toridan, but will need to have the receptionist make an appointment for several weeks out. Could be used as another hook into the Shilukar adventure Series.


What’s Next

This Adventure gets the players into the city, in Delver’s square at night; perfect for leading into Adventure 1:  The Murderer’s Trail, or create sandbox homebrew options in other areas of town with the following options:

  • Ralathun – The Mane (Midtown) – Potentially available as a Hireling, has an adventure hook to provide supplies to the proud tribal Litorians, or overthrow the current tribe leader.
  • Neria Roh – Danbury’s (Midtown / Delver’s Square) – Potentially available as a hireling, also can act as an introduction to the Inverted Pyramid, Dreaming Apothecary, Church of Lothian conflict with the Inverted Pyramid or Sorn connections.
  • Levi – Cockpit (South Market) – has some more smuggling-type jobs, could be a good stepping point into the underbelly of the city, or future interactions with the Balacazar Crime Family.
  • Tashari Lin – Job opportunities for private guard duty, or other short caravan jobs
  • Ghostly Minstrel – since it is evening time, the party can look to turn in, but have the party explore the shenanigans of a crowded social setting, or maybe have an NPC of your liking visiting for your next hook.
  • Delver’s Guild Bulletin Board Jobs – Always good for a sandbox game to have options of random hooks!
  • Pickpocket – They haven’t had any time to settle into the city, wouldn’t it be a shame if someone stole the gold they just earned?
  • Player’s Backstory or interests – work with your players to integrate their players’ stories into the world, and build upon their goals, and abuse them with their flaws.

Random Encounters

This section is meant to give players a challenge when they are resting more than they should or places they shouldn’t. It can also be another way to slow down the game.

Random Encounter 1: 3 Wolves (Hard, 300 AXP, 150 XP)

  • This encounter should be used when still on the road to Ptolus. The wolves are starving and desparately looking for food. and will look to attack one of the horses, or a stray npc/player.

Random Encounter 2: 2 Ratmen (Hard, 300 AXP, 200 XP)

  • If the players decide to rest in Tent City, a pair of ratmen will try to steal their equipment. Should the players not have any equipment, they will just pass the players by, continuing to scavenge. When they are done they will head off to a sewer grate nearby the city wall. The grate leads to the sewer and the tunnels head directly under the city.


Caravan Raider

Medium Humanoid (any race), Chaotic Neutral
AC 16 (Chain Shirt, Shield)   HP 11 (2d8 + 2)
Speed 30 ft.     CR base:1/8 (25 XP)

Str 13 (1)         Dex 12(1)         Con 12 (1)
Int 10 (0)         Wis 11 (0)        Cha 10 (0)

Skills: Perception +2
Senses: passive Perception 12
Languages: Common


Spear (Melee; One-Handed). Melee Weapon Attack: +3 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target. Hit: (1d6 + 1) piercing damage.
Flaming Arrow Ranged Weapon Attack +3 to hit, reach 20/60 ft., one target. Hit: (1d6 + 1) piercing damage and is lit on fire. The target takes an additional 5 fire damage from the flaming arrow. You can also shoot a flaming arrow on the ground to cover a 5-foot-square area, provided that the surface is level. If lit, and it burn for 2 rounds and deals 5 fire damage to any creature that enters the area or ends its turn in the area. A creature can take this damage only once per turn.


Captured Obaan

Small Abberation, Chaotic Evil
AC 12   (Natural)       HP 59 (7d10 + 21)
Speed 10 ft. / Fly 40 ft.           CR base: 2 (450 XP)

Str 10 (0)         Dex 14(2)         Con 18 (4)
Int 8 (-1)          Wis 6 (-2)         Cha 6 (-2)

Senses: passive Perception 8

Languages: Telepathy 100ft


Flyby The Obaan doesn’t provoke an opportunity attack when it flies out of an enemy’s reach


Multiattack The target makes two attacks with its tentacles
Bite Melee weapon attack +3 to hit, reach/range 5ft, one target. Hit 1d6+2 Piercing(dice). Target must succeed on a DC 12 Constitution saving throw or be poisoned. Until this poison ends, the target takes 1d4 poison damage at the beginning of its turn. The target can repeat the saving throw at the end of each of its turns, ending its effect on a success.