Homebrew Map for a Market Square or Fight Pit

You can download the High Resolution (7280×7280 pixels. 6mb) version of the Fight Market from Reddit.

City Market Square Tents Bazaar Shops Businesses Ptolus City Markets Vendors Two Story Dungeons Dragons Town Ame Kuma scaled

This is a really cool little map which would work about anywhere in Ptolus that you want to drop a market with tents, open air stalls and businesses. The original author designed it with a pit in the middle where people fight, to the death apparently, and their Patreon page has even more variations of the map, plus tunnels beneath the streets!

I also edited a square roof to go over the fight pit if you wanted a simple market, without bones and blood splatter in the middle. Download the large size of the roof texture. You should be able to drop the roof right over the pit as it’s scaled to the same size as the original image below.

Roof Square Tile Texture City Market Square Map Dungeons Dragons Ptolus City by the Spire