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Cottolm Gerop

Precious Remnants is owned by Cottolm Gerop, a 38 year old male halfling scrap merchant and secretly a fence.

Precious Remnants has changed names several times to keep Cottolm out of trouble, but currently he is renting a small office in the Guildsman District. He stays far away enough from The Midden Heaps so as not to piss off the chief scrap merchant there, a dwarf named Delloch Boundstone. Cottolm also prefers to stay away from Midtown to avoid Ammel Dar of Ammel’s General Store, another well known fence.

Truthfully, Cottolm only buys and sells enough metal scrap, mostly copper, to keep his real business a secret. His primary income comes from acting as a fence for stolen property. 

Cottolm tries to stay neutral, accepting items from almost anyone and selling to the highest bidder, but he prefers the Killraven Crime League to the Balacazars. Killraven is new and shaking things up, and supports non-humans, while the Balacazars are big, established and make it hard for newcomers to break into the criminal world.

Cottolm Gerop Description:

He has short, straight, blonde hair and purple eyes. He has silky, tan skin and speaks with a low voice for a halfling. Cottolm stands 94cm (3’1″) tall and has an athletic build.

He publicly worships Gaen, Goddess of Light (LG) but isn’t actually religious.

Cottolm is typically serene and calm, and constantly looking for the loophole and he is fascinated by belts! He owns dozens of all make, manner, shape, size and style.

Scenario: Cottolm is currently in need of and ankheg for some project he will not discuss. He wants it dead, not alive.

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Image & Story Credit: Tom Cartos