There aren’t any official Blacksmith Shops in Ptolus. The Bull & Bear Armory has the Feek Brothers who are blacksmiths but they only work on armor. This is a great map for any kind of forge or metalwork shop. It would be perfect to choose a location in the Guildsman District. Here is another Blacksmith Shop Homebrew Map.

For years, the The Unbreaking Anvil has provided the simple tools and horseshoes essential for the people of Ptolus. A sudden fire burned the entire structure to the ground a few years back, but after the smoke dissipated, the sole survivor was the anvil, unscathed. This event ignited the blacksmith’s determination to rebuild and also start selling weapons and armor to Delvers. She harbored the belief that the anvil possessed an intrinsic magic of resistance, which she could transfer to anything she crafted. Whether or not that’s true, is up to you.

The Unbreaking Anvil Blacksmith Shop Homebrew Map Ptolus City by the Spire

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Image Credit: Tom Cartos