Crystal Signet Ring Retainer of Castle Shard Homebrew Magic Item Ptolus City by the Spire

Crystal Signet Ring

The mark of true friends of Castle Shard, this purple, crystalline ring marks the bearer as a Retainer of Castle Shard, and grants them a connection to the power of the Crystal Shard.

Subterfuge: The Retainer of Castle Shard can turn the ring clockwise to make it invisible. They can make the ring visible again by turning it counterclockwise.

While the ring is visible, the bearer gains a +2 item bonus to Diplomacy and Intimidation checks to Make a Request, Make an Impression, or Coerce a creature that respects the authority of Castle Shard. Those directly opposed to Castle Shard are unaffected by the ring.

Ethylassir’s Aegis: The wearer of this ring can cast the Shield Spell. It is heightened to half their level, but if it is destroyed, the wearer cannot cast the spell until they make their next daily preparations.

Shard Tap: Once per day, as a Reaction after casting a spell, a Retainer of Castle Shard can tap into its otherworldly power. Make a DC 11 flat check. If successful, you do not lose the slot or spell once cast—it is as though you have not yet cast it.

Credit: Created by Jon on the Ptolus Discord